Sonapur Beach Odisha


Information: One can reach this location by NH 5 through Berhampur, Odisha, India. 

Best Time to Visit : October to June. 

Sonapur is one of the famous beaches in Odisha. It is the place where the Bay of Bengal and the river Bauda are joining together. This place was once a key shipping center during 18th century.DSC00331



The chief attraction of this place is the beach where people enjoy spending their time with their family and friends. They visit this place mostly during winter season for get-together and picnic parties; they cook their food and spend their time chatting and talking under the shades of Casuarina trees. During winter season the place stay jam packed. You can easily find small stalls and vendors selling food items nearby.



the mesmerizing sea… ❤ 🙂
❤ sea…..sand…. 🙂 

Altogether the sea beach is very calm and peaceful place; sometimes it’s a bit crowded but one can sit and enjoy the beautiful sea and the wonderful sunset. 🙂 ❤ 





beautiful falls. ❤ 🙂


 (for information –Hogenakkal falls  is approx. 130 km from Bangalore. The best time to visit Hogenakkal is during the monsoon season if you want to see the river in its full flow but  tourists prefer to visit during off-season specially winter as the water flow remain stable and one can enjoy coracle rides )

Hogenakkal Falls is located in southern part of India in the Dharmapuri district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Niagara Falls of India. It is a very famous picnic sport. The waterfall is created by river Kaveri which  forms numerous waterfalls at this location cutting across the rocky terrain. The water splashes into deep gorges creating the beautiful view of the waterfall. I got an opportunity to visit this place with my best friend Saheen and her family. It is a well known tourist attraction for scenic beauty of the waterfall, boat rides and herbal baths (it is said that the water is having healing properties).

on the way… 🙂

 We started our journey in morning and reached in afternoon. It almost took three to four hours to reach the location by cab. To be honest it was very crowded the time we reached the place. No doubt this location is immensely beautiful with a wonderful view of the waterfall. One can see the view of the fall from various angles as  at some places  the water is moving in a full flow between deep gorges and the other side it has transformed into a huge waterfall falling with a tremendous force. 🙂

view of the fall from a distance….


view of the hills and the water passing in between 🙂


view of gushing flow of the falls from a bridge above it… 🙂

We got to know that this place is very famous for herbal baths , oil massage and fish fry (freshly caught fishes are fried and sold to the visitors. it’s a heaven for people who love eating fish as various verities of freshly caught fishes are available here.) Nearby one can find food stalls too. As I am a vegetarian  😀 I was accompanying Saheen as she is fish lover 😛  I was able to see the soul of a hungry cat rising within her seeing the hot taste fried fishes. 😛

coracles boats 🙂 ❤

We roamed around and tried coracle ride too. These coracles are made of bamboo and the bottoms of the boats are made up of waterproof sheets of plastic for preventing water from entering inside the boats. These rides are really amazing as they take you to the other side of the river and near waterfall’s base. The view over there was breathtaking and wonderful.

people enjoying their rides 🙂



We were bit scared as the boat was tilting with the speed of flowing water but the experience was awesome. The water falls creates a misty atmosphere making the nearby area look hazy with droplets of water falling on your face once you reach near the waterfall. It was really a fantastic and amazing experience for us. 🙂


Life Goes On….


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving- Albert Einstein

 Few days back I was sitting near a river listening to the beautiful sound of the flowing water and tweeting of birds; suddenly several thoughts rushed into my mind as if  nature was trying to convey something to me. I started thinking about existence. Life is similar to the flowing  water which silently starts its journey without  getting a least hint of the future events; there are unexpected twist and turns like the brook which changes its course at various places turning and twisting making its way ahead . In due course of time life changes drastically with new unforeseen surprises by means of fortunate and unfortunate events, making us realize the realities and the struggles of life.

  A river faces many obstacles like the stones and high hills which prevents its gush and forces it to change its path and act as hindrance from allowing it to flow without restrain; but sooner or later the river cuts and shapes up the stones into beautiful pebbles and crosses lofty mounts creating waterfalls. Like every pebble after undergoing much turbulence we all keep shaping and learning new lessons and things in our life and similar to the gushing flow of river we create our life paths. Problems eventually make us tough and give shape to our life changing us in countless ways. The journey of the river or we can say our life may seem difficult with numerous obstacles but ultimately it teaches us not to surrender but to keep going with the flow…. 🙂 ❤



Trip to Coorg and Namdroling Monastery Part 3 :)



(For information- The monastery is located around 6 KM from kushalnagar towards Mysore . It is approx. 34 KM from Madikeri and  87 KM from Mysore. Timings to visit: 9 AM to 6 PM. Prayer is at 1 PM.  One can visit  at any time of the year, but the best time to visit is during the festive season like “The Tibetan New Year” where you can see various traditional dance and cultural events.)

As I was describing in my last two posts about my trip to Coorg , my rafting experience at Dubare falls and visit to Barapole ,we concluded our trip with our visit to Namdroling Monastery . After we enjoyed at Barapole river rafting we headed towards the Golden Temple or Namdroling Monastery situated at Bylakuppe. We reached at the temple around 12 PM. It was a bit less crowded that day because of the rain but this place is a very famous tourist attraction  and it remains crowded throughout the year. I found this place very peaceful and magnificent. The temple is known as golden temple because of the exquisite golden craftsmanship;the roof part of the temple is beautifully designed with splendid   golden work. The roof has a huge wheel like structure which is golden too.The amazing beauty of the roof makes the temple look more stunning. 

260002_463749780313753_1040344678_n (1)
the three magnificent golden statues of God 🙂 ❤

 Once we entered inside we found a huge entrance door leading towards a big prayer hall with three big statues of around 40 feet high of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Sakyamuni and Amitayus. The top area near the statues was decorated with colourful flags of dazzling red, green and yellow colour. The walls of the halls were decorated beautifully with bright colours and paintings related to Buddhist legendary Gods and other deities.

monks praying 🙂

We were lucky as we reached around 1 PM which is the time of prayer for the monks. The view of the monks sitting in a disciplined way before the huge golden statues of god was captivating. Musical instruments like drums and bells were played in a sequence with the enchanting Buddhist prayers. It was really a very divine experience. The aroma of incense sticks was making the atmosphere more peaceful and divine. It was a very calm and wonderful  experience. The view of monks praying together was spectacular. We really felt blessed to witness such an amazing experience. We spent some time in the temple complex and started our journey towards our homestay. It was an amazing three days trip to Coorg which will always be memorable for me. 🙂 ❤


Life is like a Flower… :)



Looking at this beautiful flower numerous thoughts came into my mind. Battling the weather and complex circumstances of the surround it still keep shining and blooming, teaching us a life lesson that the road of the life may not be easy but we need to hold ourselves firm. We have to keep going because someday we will accomplish what we are longing for. The duration of struggle of each one of us may differ but we need to keep our hopes and aspirations intact in our heart.. Every flower is unique and has a small life span but ultimately it bring smile on our face and teaches us to ride the waves of life and come out strongly.Every flower is beautiful in its own way so we should always remember  not to compare ourselves or our life with others. Everyone has a different purpose in life. So don’t let the surrounding and circumstances define you just keep going and one day you will triumph over your greatest fears.. ❤ 🙂


Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain :)

raindrops on the leaves 🙂 ❤ ❤

It rained after a long time…It was raining whole night and I always loved falling asleep to the beautiful sound of the rain.. Early morning when I opened the window it was still drizzling. It’s completely cloudy today and cool breeze is blowing making the weather very pleasant. The rainy season has always been my favourite; it makes everything beautiful. The smell of the soil, the dark clouds slowly covering the sky and the captivating rhythm of the falling rain makes me feel delighted.  ( 😀 Maybe I love rain so much ❤ because I was born in rainy season  😛 )

plant looking fresh and vibrant because of the rain.. ❤ ❤

 Today the trees and plants in my garden were looking greener and fresh. The flowers were looking beautiful when the droplets of water were falling on them. The leaves of plants were looking vibrant and colourful.

beautiful Hibiscus flower ❤ ❤ 🙂
the fragrance of jasmine flowers are making the atmosphere delightful ❤

Birds were flying happily by getting drenched and tweeting merrily welcoming the rain. On the other side I saw a group of ants collecting food and going in a very well-organized way forming a line and helping each other towards their home which is inside a  small crack of the wall. 🙂

 The rain has arrived as a blessing for all of us by easing the intense heat of  the summer season. Nature is always aware of the right time and with the changing seasons it clearly indicates that time changes ; situation changes and everything happens at the allotted time fixed by the almighty. So let’s allow Mother Nature to wash away all the pains of yesterday and welcome a new beginning.  

Mother Nature is really amazing and beautiful so let’s enjoy the beauty of  the rain.. ❤ 🙂

“Everyone wants happiness; no one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” – Zion Lee



Trip to Coorg and Barapole River Rafting Part 2 :)



(For information: Barapole is approximately 270 km from Bangalore by road.The best time to visit the Barapole River for the white water rafting  is from the month of June till September.The total duration of the rafting  will be around two hours where a distance of around 2.5 km is covered and one will come across nine furious rapids. )

As I was describing in the first part of my trip to Coorg and Dubare falls about my rafting experience which was quite exhilarating and unique for me in an enchanting and beautiful location. Here I would like to describe about our next day trip to The Barapole River which is a famous destination for white water rafting in Coorg. It is considered as one of the most dangerous fast-moving water  making it a heaven for adventure lover. It was raining the next day too when we decided to start towards Barapole river . As me and my friends were done with rafting at Dubare falls the previous day we were just joining the others who decided to do rafting at Barapole.

The road leading to the river was lavishly green with coffee and tea estates on both sides of the road. As it was raining the view from the car window was looking more magical. The drive from our homestay till Barapole River was wonderful with empty roads and fascinating climate. We parked our vehicle and walked towards the camp, the path was wet and bit muddy due to rain. After a walk of few minutes we reached the location from where the beautiful river was visible. The water was truly having a fast pace. The heavy rain and black clouds which were covering the sky were giving a very intense look to the river. 

View of the Barapole river 🙂
560430_463747863647278_1469664792_n (1)
view of the flowing water near the camp 🙂


 Few of our friends were getting ready for their much awaited experience. 😀 The organizers were instructing and guiding our group about the experience and safety precautions. They were instructed to put there life jackets and get ready for the rafting. As I was looking around I found the river very turbulent and level of water was too high  due to the continuous rainfall from few days. We wished our friends good luck 😀 as they headed towards the river. I heard that they were going to cover a distance of approx 2.5 km, in which they will come across nine furious rapids. The duration of time they were going to raft was around two hours. (Though I was not rafting but I was bit scared listing to all these descriptions 😛 )


greenery around the river … ❤ 🙂
rain dripping from the roof top of the camp and the beautiful view ❤ 🙂

As we were waiting for our friends who went for rafting I tried clicking few pictures around that place. After a long wait when our friends came back I saw a big smile on their faces they were very much excited as it was dream come true experience for them.. 🙂 They were totally drenched and exhausted but were extremely happy.  As they were describing that the level of water was high the raft was moving in a fast rate, it was very difficult for them to keep balance, the water was splashing everywhere . The raft was moving from a high plateau to still water in a rapid speed.The waves were pulling the raft in  a different direction . Altogether it was a amazing experience for them.

We decide to have our lunch and rest for a while and start for our next destination. 😛  🙂

 To be continued…… 🙂 ❤ 








Memories with Jamaican Cherry Tree…


beautiful mushrooms near the broken trunk of the tree ❤ 🙂


Few years back we used to have a Jamaican cherry tree in our garden.. 🙂 I still have the vivid memories of bringing that small sapling from a nursery and how exited I was that day. I was in school at that time and everyday I used to look at the plant and ask my dad about the details. Gradually the small sapling grew into a big tree and within sometime sweet berries started growing on it. 🙂 I was extremely happy seeing that beautiful tree laden with berries and beautiful white flowers.. 🙂  Everyday flock of birds used to come in the early morning hours to eat those berries.. It was really a beautiful sight to enjoy by afternoon it was the time for monkeys to come in groups and have berries as their lunch.. 😀 I used to sit at the roof top and enjoy the beauty of the tree slowly moving with the pace of the wind. It was like a companion to me. Eventually within a year the tree grew massively.. I used to enjoy a lot sitting near my Jamaican cherry tree and telling our guests about the beautiful tree and how birds come everyday to eat berries. I was so much attached to the tree that when ever it used to be rainy and windy weather I used to gaze out of my window to confirm whether it’s all right and not broken or damaged.
Few years past the attachment still remained the same. My state is frequently affected by tropical cyclones every year which causes lots of destruction. I still remember the day the weather was too rough it was very windy and it was raining cats and dogs. The wind speed was so intense that each and every tree was bending as if it will be broken the next moment. I was really sad that day thinking about my tree. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise, I was not sure whether it was our tree or someone else as we were not able to go outside because of the intensity of the rain..
I  still remember how  that day I was praying to God to keep my tree safe.. As I saw the intensity of rain decreasing by evening, I slowly opened my window to look at my tree. Tear rolled out of eyes as I saw my companion my beloved tree lying down broken.. I was completely blank at that moment , all my memories flashed in front of  my eyes, I was really sad that day , it was like I lost someone very dear to me.. 😦  Morning I saw people cleaning our garden, the broken trunk of the trees was still there standing strong.. The leaves and branches were scattered everywhere, I was really disturbed seeing that sight.
After  years I  still  see the broken trunk of my tree reminding me of the old memories .Now distinct varieties of wild  mushrooms have started growing around it. It look beautiful giving a unique beauty to the broken part of the tree.

DSC_0033 - Copy

white mushrooms 🙂 ❤


I still remember each and every details related to my tree 🙂 ❤ …  but  it also taught me  a lesson that every loss brings a new beginning and it has a hidden message that nothing is permanent in this world…enjoy every moment of your life… 🙂




Trip to coorg and Dubare falls part 1 :)


(For information – The distance between Bangalore and Coorg is 270 kms and required time is 6 hrs. The major attraction of Dubare is the river rafting which takes place in the waters of the river Kaveri. Dubare is known for its elephant camp, a forest camp on the banks of the river Kaveri in the district of Kodagu, karnataka.)

It was a sudden plan with my friend’s for a weekend trip to coorg. We started our journey from Bangalore towards coorg in a night bus. It was raining heavily that day and the bus was moving in a high speed.. We were trying to sleep for some time but all of a sudden the road stated to be bumpy,with the intensity of the rain increasing the water was splashing hard near our bus window.. I was seriously astonished with the driving skill of the driver who was driving so brilliantly that night. 😀 Within some time the road became normal and the climate became cool we were quite relived and tried resting for sometime..

 After around six hours of journey we reached coorg. The time was around 3:20 am. It was raining cats and dogs; we were just trying to get an auto to reach our friend’s homestay ; by luck we got into one and rushed towards the location. 😛 I  must admit it was  the most adventurous ride I ever had.. 😀 the rain water was gushing inside the auto and we were completely wet and trembling with cold. The road was entirely empty and dark; in night the beauty of that place was looking horrifying.. Thank god after few minutes of roller coaster ride we reached the homestay.. Soon our friend greeted us with his two big dogs who were not happy seeing us.. 😛 at the odd hours.. My friends were so scared seeing the dogs jumping and running around us that they were not moving  from their place.. 😛  but  being a dog lover ❤ I was really happy seeing them around 🙂 We rushed towards our room as we were really exhausted and we needed rest..

 Next day I woke up early to take a walk around the place and to my surprise the place which was looking creepy in night was beautiful and amazing.


lushly green trees and plants 🙂


It was lushly green with big trees and plants everywhere. The grasses were covered with dew drops which were shining in the reflection of sun light.

dewdrops on grasses 🙂

The pepper vines were laden with pepper. Cool breeze was blowing I must admit it is a perfect place to relax from the rush of the city. I was awestruck with the beauty of that place.


peeper vines 🙂

Soon we decided to get ready and move towards dubare falls for rafting. 🙂  it was still raining that day.. The time we reached the falls the weather was cloudy and it was drizzling… me and my friends were too exited for the rafting experience.  (Sorry I don’t have pictures of my rafting experience as it was raining heavily that day)

starting point of rafting  🙂

It was really an amazing experience. The scenic beauty of that place and the flow of  water were wonderful. 🙂 The force of water was pushing the raft like anything, we were wearing our life jackets still it was scary 😛 we were instructed to keep rowing  but the force of waves was changing the direction of the raft like anything..  At one moment we were on still water at other we were pushed by the force of water, it was exactly like a roller coaster ride. Suddenly as we were in between the water it started raining heavily and it made the scenario more exiting.. 🙂 Truly it was an amazing experience… 🙂

 To be continued.. 🙂




Trip to Khasada Waterfall

khasada waterfall .. 🙂
 ( For information: Odisha lies on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent. Famous for temples, beaches, handicrafts and ecotourism. Khasada waterfall  is approximately 273 km from the capital Bhubaneswar. Best time to visit this place is during winter)

Bestowed with natural splendor and beautiful surrounding khasada waterfall is a major tourist attraction in the state of Orissa (INDIA)..The location is surrounded with vegetation and hills.Large number of tourist visits this place every year to enjoy the scenic beauty. 



waterfall 🙂

view of the hills in the background.. 🙂 


flora around the falls.. 
view of the temple and people crossing the waterfall.. 🙂

The gusting sound of water and the picturesque view makes the location more relaxing.Water rolling over the rocks and the dry leaves falling from the trees adds an amazing beauty to this place…


view of dry leaves falling ❤ 🙂

 To the opposite is a small temple on a hill and in order to reach that place one need to cross the waterfall . I found the base of the rocks  quite slippery but  people were crossing the waterfall  fearlessly with support of a wooden platform. The water was moving in  a high speed and it was bit difficult for them to maintain balance but still they were going ahead. I must admit faith and zeal conquer everything.


view of the temple.. 🙂


people crossing the waterfall 🙂







  I really enjoyed the beauty of this place and the calm and quite environment. Altogether it was a nice trip.. 🙂 ❤


Lullaby of the Moon… <3 :)

DSC_0085 - Copy
the moon…. ❤ ❤ 🙂

Think about a beautiful starry sky, imagine that you’re sitting and gazing towards the sky, you can feel the cool blissful touch of the MOON. It’s looking like a beautiful angel staring at you from above 🙂 with a small twinkling star accompanying her like her best friend… The surroundings  around you is quite with pin drop stillness, you can feel and listen to the beautiful sound of the breeze…as if it’s talking with you and taking you to a world of fantasy…. Isn’t it beautiful?? 🙂 

 The more you see the more you will get mesmerized by the beauty of the moon. She is dynamic and she shows her various moods with her different phases … Sometimes in cloudy nights it acts as a kid playing hide and seek with us behind the clouds and sometimes it looks like a bubble of light  sailing in a dark ocean…..

 During my night treks many times I got an opportunity to witness the beauty of moon from a hill top, the beauty of the view is beyond words. When the moon light touches the flora it looks like as if it’s under a heavenly spell. It seems as they are sleeping in the lap of Mother Nature with the moon singing the lullaby… ❤

 I always love gazing at the moon & the starry sky. It has always been a constant companion of mine…I go into an imaginary world where I can converse with the moon share my jolly and nostalgic moments and it remains a  patience listener, soothing me with its cool divine touch…sometimes relaxing under her radiance gives me new ideas and inspirations. I have always felt that under the fascinating moonlight the exquisiteness of each and every entity doubles giving it a matchless gorgeousness.

 Each time I see the moon the only poem which comes into my mind is the one I used to recite in my childhood….

Oh! Look at the Moon by Eliza Lee Cabot Follen

Oh! look at the moon,

She is shining up there;

Oh! Mother, she looks

Like a lamp in the air…



( for information – Madikeri is a popular hill station in southern India in the state of Karnataka. This is a famous tourist destination. It is approx 260 km from Bangalore. Best time to visit Madikeri is winter (December-February) as weather remains pleasant during this time of the year.
 Abbey falls-It is located in between private coffee and spice estates. It is located 8 km from madikeri and 268 km from Bangalore. The river is part of the early reaches of the river Kaveri. The best time to visit abbey falls is monsoon till October when the water is plenty. One can enjoy the view from the hanging bridge opposite to water fall )


Madikeri is the district headquarter of Kodagu, also known as Coorg . Sanctified with nature’s splendor and amazing climate it is heaven for nature lovers. The plan was for a short two days trip with my friends to Madikeri and Abbey falls. I was really exited as for me its one of my favorite destination. Lushly green forest, coffee estates, spice plantation, fog and drizzling rain.. I don’t think anything else can make me happier than this. 😛 😀 We started our journey from Bangalore towards madikeri . The trip was very pleasant with beautiful roads and greenery all over the place. It was raining and cold outside…

It was almost dark when we reached our home stay. We   had our dinner and decided to enjoy the weather a bit more sitting around campfire. 😀 we enjoyed till late forgetting about the rain and cold weather. As it was getting late and the temperature was decreasing  we decided to go  back to our rooms and take rest..

beautiful view from the balcony 🙂


After getting a good sleep I woke up early in the morning to explore the nearby place, the weather was cold and it was drizzling, I went out of my room near the balcony & the view outside was stunning . Green trees were surrounding the place with fog and cloud passing over  houses. The hills in the background was making the view more picturesque. I decided to go to the roof top to get a better view. The view from roof was truly relaxing and amazing. The surrounding was calm and quite and it was making the place more heavenly. Due to the drizzling weather the colour of the plants and trees were looking more intense.

the clouds passive over trees and hills ❤ ❤ 🙂


view from the roof top 🙂 ❤

Meanwhile few of my friends got up and we decided to go out and move around the place a bit more. As it was early morning the roads were empty, wild flowers were blooming all around. There were small pathways leading to  gardens with beautiful plants and trees. The view of the hills from a distance was looking amazing like a beautiful painting.


early morning .. empty roads and drizzling weather…. ❤
narrow path inside garden 🙂


garden area 🙂


wild flower’s…

We decided to go back as we were supposed to visit Abbey falls. We had our breakfast and got ready for the next adventure.  Within few hours of journey we reached abbey falls. It’s a beautiful waterfall in between private coffee estate and spice plantation and a small path leading towards the waterfall. 🙂 

way towards the abbey falls 🙂 ❤

 It was our good luck as the crowd was bit less that day. The path leading towards the waterfall was bit muddy and wet due to the rainy weather , and we were lucky again as the waterfall was gushing with water, we were able hear the voice of the water from a distance. 🙂  it was amazing. As we were able to visit the place at the right time of the year when the water flow remain plenty while in summer it reduces.

mesmerizing view … ❤  ❤


Beauty of abbey falls ❤ 🙂


The view of the water fall was incredible, the water was gushing from the top of the hills and the surrounding was full with trees. Small white wild flowers were blooming near the water fall making it look more stunning. All were busy clicking pictures. 😀 few of us decided to go to the hanging bridge opposite to the water fall from where one can get a beautiful view of the falls.

hanging bridge opposite to the waterfall.. one can get a direct view from here 🙂

The hanging bridge was completely wet because of the force of the gushing water, as we were standing on it we too were able to feel the droplets of water falling on our faces and cameras. 😀 The sound of the falling water was very strong. Due to safety reason people are not allowed to go near the waterfall one can watch it from a distance or from the bridge. Slowly the crowed stated to increase on the bridge and we decided to go down. We spent sometime nearby clicking pictures.. After sometime we decided to leave that place and start our journey back towards Bangalore.


nature is beautiful… ❤ ❤

Altogether it was a lovely trip  to a beautiful waterfall. 🙂



The gulmohar tree… ❤

Time spent with friends are always memorable, when you sit with them and enjoy random stuffs and topics.. 🙂 😛 You just keep on talking and listening to them forgetting about everything and when you part away and get busy with your own life , you miss those memories and funny talks you used to do.. I still remember the window from where me and my friends used to look at the beautiful Gulmohar tree (The Royal Poinciana), filled with orange flowers. 

beautiful flowers … ❤ ❤

We used sit and enjoy our long conversations. 🙂 Sometimes the view from the window used to be very beautiful during rain and monsoon. The rain drops used to make those trees green and vivid.. The blossoms used to look beautiful. The leaves of the trees  used to get clean with rain drops making it  more  vibrant. The rows of Gulmohar trees near the roadside were making the locality beautiful,one can find beautiful petals of flowers spread across the road.. 

Many times I used to see small squirrels sitting on the branch of the tree , jumping from one branch to another and playing around 🙂 small birds too used to rest on the branches to protect themselves from the scorching sun…

 Me and my friends used to wait for the weekends to sit near the window and do our conversations 😛 it was like the tree too used to be a part of our team, a member who is listening to each and every conversation 🙂 the movement of leaves of the tree with the wind was like an indication that nature too is enjoying our funny conversations.. 🙂

 Those memories will last forever.. Those conversations of ours sitting near the window looking at our Gulmohar tree ❤ with our cup of coffee will always be cherished by us.. 🙂 ❤


An encounter with a double rainbow (An unforgettable experience) :)

a rare view of double rainbow
We a group of friends were on a trip to Coorg,(Karnataka,India). That day the weather was cold and it was drizzling ,our plan was to go for river rafting. We were really exited as the weather was amazing outside… (Rafting in rain 😛 I was feeling like a national geographic adventurer 😛 ) After finishing our rafting we were heading towards our homestay in our car..
Sitting inside we were enjoying the climate, the road was completely empty, suddenly I saw a RAINBOW , I was really delighted as it was quite near to us. The source of the rainbow was the same river where we did rafting. But what we saw that it was not one but two rainbows  😀 … and we were really shocked & exited… it was like a miracle..
we were standing near the fence 🙂 ❤
 I have never heard about double rainbow, but that day I was watching it from a very close distance. I was shocked and speechless.. Even though it was raining we rushed outside near the fence, the other side of the fence was a corn field and ahead of it was the river,  where the rainbow was formed.. The colour was very intense, it was magical.. We were shouting with joy. To our surprise we were the only group present at that location. It was a mesmerizing moment for us.
As we went for  rafting most of my friends had kept their mobile phones at the home stay, and I was the only one who was carrying my phone with me… and I  feel really lucky that I was able to capture that moment  .. 😀 After few minutes the secondary rainbow started fading away. Suddenly it started getting sunny, and slowly and slowly the secondly rainbow vanished.
slowly the second rainbow started fading away..
the primary rainbow after the secondary vanished..
  I feel we were really lucky and blessed to witness such a wonderful experience that day.. Nature is beautiful and full of mysteries.. ❤ 🙂
 Do share your opinion… 🙂  have you ever seen a double rainbow??

what does little birdie say ? :)

my little bird

With the arrival of summer season , day by day the temperature is increasing rapidly. The scorching heat has become unbearable for not only human but for birds and animals too…so I thought of sharing few things we do for our birdie friends every summer…

 It has become a routine for my mom to feed birds regularly. Every morning they will be waiting for her chipping near our backyard door .Once the food is given  more than thirty birds will flock around flapping their wings making a loud noise (last time I got scared 😛 and suddenly woke up because of that noise) then it would be like a competition, who can eat more 😛 few of them will come all the way crossing the door to cheek if some bits of gain have fallen.   😀

(sorry I was not able to take pictures , the moment they saw me taking their pictures they flew away 😦  ( I tried putting an art made by me .. I guess the birds & bird lovers will not get angry seeing my terrible artistic skill  🙂 😛 

Every summer we keep water for the birds who visit our garden, I have seen them sitting in groups and drinking water.. Trust me it really makes me happy…  🙂

Once  my bestie saheen told me that  from past one year she  is feeding birds,as she stays in an apartment, she keeps food for them near her window and a small bird frequently visit that place…. I was really  happy to hear that 🙂

Yesterday few of my friend’s were discussing about keeping birds at home.. But in my personal opinion I never liked that idea. What I believe birds are happy when they are free.

I have seen in pet shops they are kept in cages to be sold to the customers, I really feel sad; they look so numb and gloomy trying hard to get out of those cages. It hurts me a loot. I love watching them flying everywhere, sitting on trees  and going where ever they want to…. 🙂 

In the end  I can only say spare some time , put some food and water in your garden area or near  your window …who knows in some time you may get a new birdie friend.

Share your views… 🙂 do you like feeding birds?? 


Enchanting beauty of Chikmagalur (PART 2)

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. —–Gerard De Nerval

 As I was describing about the beauty of  Chikmagalur  in https://shradha099.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/enchanting-beauty-of-chikmagalur-part-1/ 

specially about the place where we were staying and the nearby area. After exploring the location we all decided to get ready and start our trip towards    Baba Budangiri range /datta peeta /Dattagiri range  (hills). The way towards the hill was breath-taking. The route was captivating with beautiful trees downhill.

the view  🙂 ❤
DSC00186 - Copy.JPG
road ahead …..

Nature is really marvelous and dynamic…The shadows of the clouds passing over, were giving an impression of dark blue colour to the hills, making it look  beautiful like a work of art.. The tress were even giving an impression of changing colours from dark green to lighter shades.. 🙂 it was miraculous…

colours of nature 🙂

After travelling for an hour or two we came across a place where there was a small water fall and a pond, the weather was really hot so we decided to rest for a while near that water source..

stream of water…. 🙂

The place was cool with  green trees around; the sound of the flowing water was  soothing.

small waterfall ❤

After relaxing for half an hour we decided to move ahead towards the hill…After few hours of journey we reached the location… it was still sunny… there was a pond near the hill. Few of us thought of exploring the nearby hill and started climbing..

climbing up…

The hill was dry and bit rocky..it was an easy climb but we were bit exhausted due to scorching heat .. after going to a good height the view was really amazing..

mesmerizing view from the top of the hill…

it was full of trees and mist.. we sat there for a while… it was an incredible feeling.. the climate was bit cooler as we were on a good height . we were totally lost in the beauty of that place. But suddenly we saw half of the crew calling us from downhill as they were not aware we went uphills without informing them.  😛 we were not in a mood as it was really amazing view  at the top , but we decided to go back bidding adieu to the beautiful hill… it was really an amazing trip.. while going back it was almost evening… the road was fully covered with fog… 🙂

 It was really difficult for the driver to drive , but the place was looking amazing.. with approaching darkness and fogy road it was looking like we were entering a dream world.. By the time we reached Bangalore it was almost dark, we were very tired.. Altogether it was a awesome trip, and Chikmagalur became one of my favorite destination




Enchanting beauty of Chikmagalur (PART 1)

beautiful nature

(for information – The best time to visit Chikmagalur is between September and March. If you want to enjoy the waterfalls then the best time to visit  is during the rainy season.)

Beautiful hills and awesome climate, Chikmagalur is one of my favorite destination in Karnataka… being 250 km away from Bangalore in the foothills of the mullayanagiri range, nature has bestowed all its beauty overhear. It was a two days trip with my colleagues to Chikmagalur . We planed to reside in a homestay and cover few nearby places and Baba Budangiri range /datta peeta /Dattagiri range  (hills).As usual I seized a window seat 😛 as the climate outside was amazing, it was drizzling and bit fogy… the long drive was amazing & magical with green trees on both sides of the  road . I was enjoying each and every moment.. The cool breeze and the view of misty hills, glimpse of coffee plantation were making the atmosphere dreamier. 🙂 


It was almost dark when we reached the homestay….As we all were exhausted we decided to take rest. I was gazing from the window of my room, it was dark outside. The rain was splashing hard, the smell of soil, woods and wild flowers were making the place more mystifying and magical; there were no street lights, only a small light twinkling near the front yard. It was cool and freezing as well. As it was late we decided to have our dinner and take rest.

Next day we woke up early to explore the place…

view from the window 🙂


When I opened the window the view was captivating. It was fogy and the place was surrounded with trees. I got exited and went out, there were varieties of trees all around, beautiful wild flowers, pepper vines, mango and lemon trees.

mango tree 🙂 ❤
wild flower 🙂

There was a small garden outside the homestay as well with variety of plants and flowers… we formed groups and started exploring the area.. 

garden area 🙂
beautiful flower 🙂 ❤
red ants on a lemon tree 🙂

few dogs followed us from the homestay 🙂The paths were bit muddy and wet due to rain, we explored nearby places and reached straight to the road & decided to take a walk ahead with our new friends (dogs) 🙂 

he was bit sleepy 😛 🙂 ❤
small stream 🙂

as it was early morning the road was empty,  birds  were chirping, due to rain small streams of water which were  previously dried were full with water.




There were small houses nearby with smoke coming out from their chimneys.The place was really serene,away from crowd, with greenery everywhere. It was like a mysterious place the more you go inside the more you explore.. I was very happy as it was like a dream land for me, mesmerizing and beautiful. We all took loots of pictures and decided to go back as we were about to get ready and start our trip towards Baba Budangiri range /datta peeta /Dattagiri range  (hills) .…

 To be continued…. 🙂


My connection with Nature…A trekker’s confession… :)

FeaturedMy connection with Nature…A trekker’s confession… :)

Whenever I travel, I try my best to seize a window seat , I enjoy watching nature. I like observing nature, I feel peaceful..(“I love not Man the less,but Nature more”) haha… 🙂 Most of the time  I hear comments from my relatives and friends… are your crazy shradha ? 🙂 are you talking with those trees ? what they are saying ?? 🙂 .. Most of them don’t know about my trekking experience and blog too..lol. 😛  I feel hilarious because sometimes its difficult to make others understand the unique connection I feel towards nature. Nature has always been a mystery for me a unique divine mystery. Many people do ask me why are  you so fascinated about trekking?? I just say, forest and mountains call each one of us! Only a certain few hears the call! 😉 

Nature taught me many things… Sometimes being an introvert is not so bad at all.. 🙂 I feel like a small kid enjoying each and every sounds of nature, I love the sound of flowing water the rustling of leaves the sound of birds, the view from the hill top and deep forest…It gives me a feeling that how special and unique nature is… each and every diverse creation of nature whether a small plant, a huge tree or a beautiful vine, nature is equal for all. It teaches us that, there is nothing wrong with us, each and everything is appreciated by nature. Rotten and decomposed remain of trees give rise to new plants which slowly grows over them…life goes on…

In the lap of  mother nature you can truly understand yourself. You feel free(the real you) ,you feel recharged… as you are before god.. I find this thing really amazing.. “The connection”.. 🙂 😉

New folder.jpg

 Each and every time I trek I feel different….I did so many treks, In few of my treks I really tried observing is it really conquering a hill that matters ???? or  do I really understanding what nature want’s to teach me … trust me, its my personal experience that once you start observing nature it unfolds many mysteries….time slows down….each and every phenomena happening in nature is beautiful. The beautiful night sky full of stars…… a group of ants on a fruit….it can be a small garden in our backyard too, or a fogy hills or misty forest… 🙂 it really have a unique beauty.

Now days everybody is busy with their own lives , but spare sometime look around you, nature is waiting for you… save it…preserve it and love it… and if you feel connected with it as I do, then enjoy it… as Helen Keller has rightly said “the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched…they must be felt with heart… ❤




(for information – This hill is near muthurayanabetta (Kanakapura highway)

We (our group members) did a sudden plan for going on a night trek . The location and the hill was selected which was around 35 km from Bangalore. It was Saturday and we were ready to start our night trek, but within few hours it started raining heavily , me and my bestie were bit confused what to do as it was raining cats and dogs.It is very difficult to  do a night trek  that too when its raining  hard.

As it was already planned we all headed towards the location in our friend’s car. The rain droops were  splashing on the glass window , I was wondering, if it is wise to take risk… But slowly the intensity of rain started decreasing.Within few hours we reached  the location. There was a temple on the base of the hill; from where it was straight path leading towards the trail.We slowly moved towards the hill. The hill was dry  with few bushes and shrubs. It was bit slippery as well with  few elevated slopes  which one need to climb in order to reach  the top.


Within one hour of climb we reached the top.  After  resting for a while we stated exploring the place. It was really amazing to see such big boulders of rock, we even tried climbing few.. 🙂 

After an hours of exploration and chit chat we decided to take rest so that we can wake up early and enjoy sunrise.The sky was bit cloudy with few stars twinkling, small clusters of lights were visible from the village.. it was completely silent and peaceful. 

We all woke up around 5:30 am to witness the sunrise. It was really beautiful. The orange ball of fire was emerging making the sky look like a painting, it was mesmerizing, and we all sat and enjoyed the view.It’s really beautiful experience to witness sunrise from the top of the hill…The golden rays of sun were slowly making the hill brighter and shimmering. it was bit cool and windy as well.

 We enjoyed the sunrise and after few hours decided to climb down. 

sunrise 🙂





Within few hours we reached at the base. We took rest for a while near the temple. Their was a beautiful pond and Siva temple..the pond was surrounded by  coconut trees and neem trees (Indian lilac) .

pond 🙂


It was really soothing and beautiful. There was a small village nearby. Talking with the villagers we got to know that the hill which we planed to climb is on the other side of one we actually climbed :P..lol.. 🙂 😛  We all were laughing but it was fine with us, as this hill was a bit higher in elevation in comparison to the planned one.


We roamed near the village for few minute, few people were cleaning their houses and were putting rangoli ( a traditional Indian art form using coloured sand or powder to decorate a floor)

turkey 😀

Suddenly I found a cute turkey wandering around 🙂 🙂 ha-ha.. It was royally moving around and was bit surprised looking at us (strangers) 🙂 Once it found us new it gave us a suspicious look and ran away from us.. It was really amusing and funny 🙂

We all started our journey back towards Bangalore. Altogether it was a nice trek 🙂







Trip to Chandragiri -(Phuntsokling) Jeerango temple (ODISHA)


(For information – Odisha lies on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent. Famous for temples, beaches , handicrafts and ecotourism 🙂 to reach jeerango temple one can reach Chandragiri town from where monastery is around five to six km.)

Sometimes we feel connected towards certain places, which are beyond our understanding. I have always felt a mysterious attachment towards Buddhist monastery and temples. The sound of the prayer bells, the beautiful statue of Buddha meditating, and the divine prayers, it always pulls me towards these places. It was a one day trip with my parents to the beautiful temple of Jeerango, in Odisha, India. I was much exited as I heard a lot about the beauty of this place.


Chandragiri is very famous for its beautiful landscape. This place is surrounded by forest, hills and rivers making it a heaven for nature lovers. This place is famous for beautiful Tibetan settlement and Jeerongo temple.

It is said that these people have moved to Odisha around 1960’s and have settled since then. They have truly converted this location into a very beautiful place. The people living here are mostly involved in cultivation mainly maize, weaving and making beautiful handicrafts. Their handmade woolen garments and handicrafts are very famous among tourists.

Once you come near the settlement one can find flags of different colours on both side of the road indication the direction towards the temple. The movement of these colourful flags with the wind makes this area more eye-catching and beautiful. I was feeling like I was some where in Tibet 🙂


.As this place is situated at a height of about 3200 feet above sea-level, the climate is appropriate for agriculture and cultivation done in this area. After a few hours of travel we reached the Jorango temple. “Chandragiri “is also known as Phuntsokling” by the local people, which means “land of happiness and plenty”. The beauty of the monastery was amazing, with a big beautiful entrance door leading inside. The entrance door was beautifully carved with colorful bright designs,


 with well maintained garden on both sides of the monastery and steps leading to the main temple. On Both side of the temple one can find hostel for students who stay and study there. Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel. There is one big playground for the students as well. This place is very scenic and divine. We gradually headed towards the main temple. Taking photos inside the temple and prayer hall is prohibited.

DSC_0056.JPGWe went inside and saw a huge idol of Lord Buddha. It was stunning and mesmerizing. We sat there for a while and conveyed our prayers. The fragrance of incense sticks and flowers were making the place more divine. The outer walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful paintings.The outer roof and walls are also beautifully colored and painted in green and golden.After spending some time inside the temple premises,


                                     view from the temple towards the main the gate 🙂




we came out and headed towards a small temple on left side of the main temple. It’s also a beautiful place with a small garden full of flowers of different colours and beautiful Tibetan bells.






colourful flags 🙂



We spent some time over there and headed back, on the way we crossed some parts of the village and settlements . I saw huge piles of corn being cleaned and stored in big store houses. Ladies involved in knitting woolen clothes. Small kids playing outside 🙂 in few places people were engaged in managing cattle’s and feeding them. I got to know that the products these people make are exported to European market, mostly the carpet. There is also a carpet weaving factory started with collaboration with Swiss government. 🙂

I was really happy seeing these people love and passion towards their culture and tradition.

It was really an awesome trip and a place to remember 🙂




(  For information –  Bhagamandala is approximately 284 km from Bangalore .It takes around eight hours to reach Bhagamandala. It is a small place in Kodagu district (Coorg) in Karnataka, along the banks of River Cauvery.  For this trek, trekkers need permits from the Forest Department. One can obtain these permits from the FRH Office in Bhagamandala.
From Bhagamandala it take a seven kilometer to Talacauvery, which is the base camp of the trek.The trekking distance is around 14 to 15 km from base talacauvery  till peak nishani Betta.)
Going for a forest trek was always in my wishlist. Nature do have some mysterious force which pulls everyone towards its  beauty.  We a group of nine people started our journey from Bangalore towards Talakaveri, Coorg for our ultimate adventure :).For me it was my first 2 days trek in a deep forest, which I was always waiting for. It was a 7 hrs journey. I was very happy seeing the glimpse of forest and trees on our way towards our destination. It was early morning when we reached our destination 🙂 Talakaveri (the place from where Kaveri river originated)
As we all were very hungry the first thing that came into our mind was food, we rushed to a nearby hotel and had our breakfast & packed some food for our journey ahead. As we distributed necessary things among each of us our backpacks were getting bulky, looking at each other’s bags we were just assuming, whose was heaviest and who is having the lightest…LOL.. Our first task was to get a guide who would join us on our trek. We got two guides who accompanied us & we started our incredible journey towards the hill Nishanibetta.
power puff girls 😛
It was a small path leading us towards the lush green forest. Climate was very humid yet the beauty of nature erased everything from our mind. As we headed towards the top we saw hills full of green trees, valleys, smoke coming out from the forest fire and mist covered peaks .On our way we found many guava trees, for a hungry group like ours it was heaven..Those guavas were really taste and sweet.. 🙂
After going bit ahead we saw signs of elephant droppings which made us cautious about the presence of the wild animals around us. I was very excited and wished if I could see a wild elephant. After few hours of walk, the real hero of the jungle emerged the leeches .. 😦 they were everywhere… struggling with the leeches for few hours, we reached at a safe place where we had our lunch. As we were having shortage of water our guides and few members of our group went downhill to collect some water for all of us. Thanks to them as it was the most important thing to carry at that time.
beautiful view of hills ❤ 
After they came back we stated our journey again. Huge trees, stiff slopes, dry leaves scattered everywhere it was an awesome view. One can hear verities of noises like of insects, woodcutter bird, and many other species. This trek was quite difficult compared to others treks that I did earlier. It was quite sunny as well. At some places we saw the forest fire & smoke , we were bit tensed while crossing them. The path was never ending, with a blend of hills, green valleys, up hills and slopes.

inside the forest 🙂

After a few hours journey we reached near a stiff hill full of mist, it was cold and soothing. Slowly the heat decreased as we entered deeper into the forest, the atmosphere got cooler.The deeper we went the look of the forest changed, it was dark, green trees, broken branches and tunnel like paths. It was completely silent. Big trees were all around few covered with vines. The broken logs of trees were completely rotten, with wild mushroom grown on it.(I was feeling like going on a National Geographic expedition… 🙂 )
lush green trees 🙂

mist and fog passing over the hills 🙂

Slowly we came across hills covered with newly grown grasses, the atmosphere got foggy, and cool, there was sudden decrease in temperature due to increase in altitude.. It was quite exhausting for keep trekking for a long time, as few of us were not used to it. With the cool breeze, there was a relief among us that in sometime we are going to reach the hill top. Now the path was slippery and wet and it was misty and cold, due to the fog the visibility decreased. From there we were able to see the hill with a flag on  top, it was way far.. The way towards the top was very stiff.
on our way we saw a cute wild rabbit which suddenly jumped out from some where… 🙂 making all of us jovial for a while.
misty hills 🙂

way towards the top 

After a few hours of trek we reached at the top. The view from there was beyond belief. we were on the top of a hill and the path which we need to take to reach our camp side was partly covered with greenery and mist.

amazing view of  clouds passing over the hills 


we all heading towards the top 🙂 

It was such a view that I was completely mesmerized. Then we headed towards our camp side , due to mist, we were not able to see where we were heading , after a 2 hrs trek we reached our destination by evening, it was a small anti poaching camp . We all were so relieved seeing our camp side .After resting for a while we decided to have some hot tea. 🙂 It was for the first time I tried making tea on a chulha (stove made up of clay) and it was an amazing experience. Within some time tea got prepared and all had it.We all had our dinner and took rest in our cozy sleeping bags 🙂
Poor me I was not able to sleep as I was still wishing if I could see a wild elephant.. all night I was gazing towards the sky as it was covered with clouds, closing my eyes and enjoyed the music. Suddenly I opened my eyes looking towards the sky and what I saw was a superb view the sky was full of stars 🙂 🙂 it was amazing you could see all the  constellations’ there  🙂 its true that no beauty can match the beauty of a clear sky full of stars. The small dog which was there in our camp side was sleeping near to me, guarding us.. Its cuteness made me remind of my dog (lucky) who died few years back… looking at the dog I don’t remember when I slept.

my cute friend ❤ shaking hand with me 🙂

Early morning the view was awesome the hill top covered with clouds made me remind of kauravkunda trek  🙂 gradually everyone started waking up.In the mean time others were getting prepared to see a pond, where they heard that wild animals come early in the morning to drink water. They got ready and headed towards that place. We all had our tea and breakfast, chit chatted for a while and decided where to go next. As one of our friend was communicating with our guides, she informed us that we were going to leave that place and start our journey towards (The stiff valley..) 🙂
We all packed our things and started our journey… my cute dog also followed us but in half  way  he took another unknown route and disappear somewhere … as it was his home, I was relieved that it will not get lost any where, just one thought linger in my mind that I am going to miss him… 😦  but I kept some memories stored with me ..it was my  pic with him which I took early in the morning and it is my favorite pic which I had.
Our guides were really amazing, throughout the trek I have not seen them taking rest whenever you will look at them you will find them smiling, ready to help you. After a long walk uphill and down hill we reached a place known as the stiff valley, full of long green trees the ground was full of dry leaves. The valley was so stiff that after a few hours of walk I was totally exhausted, my legs were not supporting me, due to the stiffness of the path my foot and fingers were paining hard.

towards the stiff valley 🙂

The path was so long that it was not ending at all 🙂 At a certain place we decide to have our lunch ,the guide told us that, he would be coming in some time and meanwhile we people should have our lunch, during that time I got to know that the same stiff valley by which we came down, we need to climb it again to reach the top and go back 😦 😦  and it was a 4 hours long climb … for some time I  felt, I will not able to do it, and I was a bit worried 😦
mesmerizing view 🙂
Meanwhile as we were resting we heard a voice from far away,the guides  informed us that, these were drums used by villagers downhill,to keep wild elephants away from their fields, it was a bit of tensed moment ,We were ready to run in case we come across one 😦  After a long 4hrs of climb we reached our last point. It was a small farm house. From there we got a jeep trial and start following it. It was straight path which was easy to cover. Within some time we reach Bhagamandala (place from where we started our journey), from where were supposed to catch our vehicle.
We all reached where our destination ends took our vehicle and started our journey back .It was an amazing experience, an experience which one can never forget, it was tough but I have no regrets, as I witness a beautiful forest and deep valleys. We started our journey back towards Bangalore. We reached Bangalore early morning.
Photo credits goes to our fellow trekker who capture these amazing moments. 🙂
It was truly a trek to remember 🙂


(For information – Odisha lies on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent. Famous for temples, beaches , handicrafts and ecotourism )
Being born in Odisha a coastal state of India, I have an unique connection towards sea. From my childhood I used to play in sand and run towards the waves, I used to love chasing waves and collect seashells from the coast. Like every kid I used to build castle of sand. My parents used to take me to sea beach on weekends,that’s how I developed my love towards sea. The sound of the waves, the colour of the water and the boats moving up and down , the beauty was mesmerizing. I still remember, how I used to run behind crabs to see their home 🙂 .  Indeed childhood is the best time in anyone’s life.


cute crab

DSC00082.JPGits mesmerizing 🙂 ❤
I used to sit and gaze towards the horizon thinking, that is the point where the sky touches the sea ha-ha.. 🙂 Sometimes we used to stay late on full moon day to see the  beauty of the  sea and  the moon. The reflection of moon light, shimmering on the sea is really miraculous.
With time we shifted from one coastal area to another,after a long time I got a change to visit sea beach.My dad accompanied me.I was extremely happy, and I can say the inner child in me was very excited to play around.
With time things changes, but the inner child inside each one of us never vanish. As we reached the coast, all memories of my childhood rushed into my mind. It was crazy; I was running towards the sea to touch the waves. This time I was not making castle but yes, I did saw crabs and shells all over the place and I was really exited.
DSC00049.JPGlet’s goooo 🙂
DSC00053.JPGchasing the waves…. 🙂
The fishermen were pulling their boats out of water , few were getting ready to venture into the sea with their nets and some of them were very happy with their catch of the day. I was just thinking, how nature teaches us lot of things , the scenario was something  like our life, sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don’t,but still we keep trying..and that’s what life is all about.


Their boats were wonderfully painted in different colour’s; I sat for a while to enjoying the scene of the boat being pulled by the fishermen towards the sea.


DSC00073.JPGcatch me..if u can … 🙂 ❤
It was amazing, as I was enjoying the beauty of the sea, I saw a small kid playing in the sand and chasing the waves. It was really an appealing view, happy soul enjoying life, the simplicity, the smile and the happiness of that kid was really fascinating. I was thinking looking at him, that some day he too will grow up and will sit and think about his childhood memories and cherish it.
While coming back from the beach looking towards the sea the only thing that came into my mind was- nature is beautiful…enjoy each and every moment of your life …cherish your memories … ♥♥♥♥
The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever -Jacques Yves Cousteau


For information – Kaurava Kunda is  located near Chikaballapur village, about 75 kms from Bangalore.Best time to visit -this place is convenient for both day and night trek.
From my personal experience we did this trek on dec 31st (winter season )  it was a night trek and early morning on the eve of new year we witnessed awesome sunrise and above the cloud experience. So if you are crazy about fogy hills and amazing sunrise winter is the best time to visit. 🙂 ) 
Being a person who loves adventure and crazy stuffs going on a night trek was one of my wish.. Never thought it would be such an amazing experience for me.What can be more awesome than enjoying the sunrise of the New Year on a hill top.  The beauty of which can’t be explained in words. For me and my best friend it was our last hour decision to go for the night trek , the experience which we got was  the most memorable experience we ever had.
We all started from Hebbal towards our destination Kaurava Kunda which is near Chikbalapur , 70 km away from Bangalore. I was very happy to see the full moon out of the car’s window. It was always my dream to be on a hill top from where I could see star studded sky and a full moon . I can say I was blessed that my dream came true on the eve of New Year, which made me witness a beautiful night sky,  followed by  a beautiful sunrise.
Within one and half hours we reached our destination, parked our vehicles near the village from where we all covered a walk able distance up to the starting point of the hill. After resting for a while we started our journey towards the top, we got divided into groups and started climbing. As we headed towards top it became more foggy and chill. Cool breeze was blowing, the path was bushy, with lots of thorns and due to the fog it was a bit difficult to locate the hill top. As we all were in two groups following two different ways we were calling each other’s  names in order to be in touch.
Due to lack of moon light as it was cloudy , I must admit it was quite tough to climb. With the increase in height the fog was increasing, as our group always  believe in creating a new trial by not following the exiting one.It was exiting but many times we were losing the direction and path,sometimes we were coming to the same place again and again..
After reaching a good height we were able to see small lights at the base of the hill, which was an awesome view. A group of dogs even trekked with us 😉 (being a dog lover i was exited to see them  🙂 ) from the base.. they accompanied us till we reached  the top.


they followed us from base till top 🙂
It was  2hr journey  from the base to top. As we were very near reaching the top I sat for a while, one of our group member (Damu) went to see the way towards the top.. as I was resting he suddenly called us , when I reached there I was shocked to see a steep rock . As we were following our own trial ,the only way to reach the top was to climb that step rock.,for few minutes I thought this is going  to be my end.. I secretly looked back to see the depth in order to analyze that if I will fall , I will be injured or dead…But I gathered courage, I tried my best to climb, and I did it.. God knows how..the other members and my best pal was already at the top,as they followed a different path they were at the top before us. she and others were wondering whether we got lost or something.. :).We all gathered as it was exactly 11.57 pm.we were happy  that we reached on time and celebrated the New Year eve together.
For some time we looked around..it was cold, foggy.. and amazing… . The next task was to cook as all of us were very hungry.. we choose a place to start cooking …  we all started gathering dry leaves and sticks to start the campfire… But due to the damp weather every thing was wet .. it was very difficult for us as the matchsticks was wet too.. no papers, no, lighters… so after long attempts we got a bit disappointed and thought of canceling the plan of cooking.. But all thanks to Sandeep who at last got a paper out of his bag… which was like a ray of hope for us 😀 soon after lots of attempts we were successful to set the fire.
We all rushed to prepare our meal – MAGGIE…:)  believe me it was  awesome… .after finishing meal  we  put out the fire as it was quit windy….we all headed towards the place where we took rest..
we all started talking with each other on various topics… suddenly for few hours we all dozed off, I heard Damu’s voice shouting…. WAKE UP… and our eyes were surprised to see the most beautiful thing ever..The sunrise ..the horizon was looking like a saffron line with the blanket of clouds like waves in the ocean 🙂


blanket of cloud… 😉

It was something very unique and  extraordinary experience , a moment to remember.. a feeling that how beautiful nature is… we all were blessed to see to such an event .. we all like mad fellows started taking photos…



sun rays making the surrounding golden 😉

It was like we were in heaven….and suddenly what we saw was an orange ball (SUN) emerging out of the clouds…the first sunrise of the year… suddenly the white clouds..turned golden… like a golden carpet….showing us how amazing nature is….


clouds ..clouds everywhere..




the first sunrise of new year.. making the clouds look like golden waves in sea… ❤

The beauty can’t be expressed in words.. the beauty which you could only feel and capture in your memory…

FB_IMG_1487763427631 (1)

it’s me above the clouds …aha.. amazing experience..


after the sunrise… 😉

I found myself very lucky to fulfill one of my greatest dreams with a bunch of crazy and wonderful people.. after enjoying our best, taking snaps of each other  we all decided  to go down… we all headed back..it was really an unforgettable experience…while coming back.. we saw the beautiful village, colorful rangoli’s ,beautiful bird’s and  grapes plantation even got to see a lotus pond..  from where I collected some..:)  it was really an amazing experience thanks to my group  for  making my new year so special…. and memorable…


(for information  Nandi Hills is 10 km from Chickballapur town and approximately 60 km from the city of Bengaluru ,Karnataka,India )
(Best time to Visit – One can visit Nandi Hills throughout the year. But according to me winter is the best choice , one can experience the foggy mountains and beautiful sunrise if you can reach as early as 5:30 am.) 
It’s been three years … when we are going to Nandi hills to see sunrise, let’s go this weekend. “Shaheen (my best friend) ditched me and went along with her office colleagues (without me ) I want to tease her ,that I went without her … it would be fun…” this is what I told my roommate Roopa few minutes before leaving for office… It was just a sudden plan… we never thought we will make it… as Roopa also loves travelling  like me our plan worked and the session of calls started. I called Puja who never says no to any of my plans. Roopa planed of calling her cousin sister and yes we are done… Four people one cab and the trip begin..
As it was winter we decided to start early so that we will not miss sunrise from the hill top. I was very  excited as I am crazy about nature. Its been long I have not been for any trekking with my group.. I always feel there is something in nature which will make one forget everything and will give you a fresh and unique feeling.
We fixed the time it was 4:30 am when we board the cab. It was windy and cold outside. Cool breeze was blowing.. It was chilling outside but our excitement was more than that. We were on our way to pick Roopa’s cousin. The roads were empty, the busy streets were silent…and there was not a single soul outside.. We picked Roopa’s cousin and she was quit excited about the trip as well.. We began our journey towards Nandi Hills(Bangalore) which is 60km from our place.. It’s a place famous for natural beauty, sunrise, hills, trekking and bike rides… it’s a famous tourist place and people visit this place mainly to see the sunrise and the sunset from the peak point and to have above the cloud experience..
Our cab started moving towards nandi hills . Pooja and me were busy updating status on face book regarding our trip and Rupa was busy controlling her hunger.. lol.. thank god  that her cousin bought some food or else she would have jumped out of the car.. (She cant control her hunger 🙂 lol) it was a amazing ride, we saw many people rushing towards the same destination on cars and bikes..As we were gazing outside the window of our cab, we saw a group of bike riders who were enjoying riding towards the top of the hill. It was a nice view bikes in rows, Royal Enfield (my favorite) and other cool bikes racing together. Me and Pooja were busy dreaming about a bike ride 🙂 Rupa and Devi were busy taking photos. Music and long drive it’s a wonderful feeling. It was around 5 am, we were able to see the sky bit clear, it was misty and fogy outside. The view outside was breathtaking…
As we were going toward the top the climate was getting more chill and fogy .One can find tress on both sides of road… gradually the sky was turning red indicating the time of sunrise. The whole panorama of fields, trees and red sky was like a painting with different colour patterns..
As we went up towards the hill with the increase in altitude the atmosphere started getting cooler, the view outside was so divine and beautiful, glimpse of trees with background covered with fog, dew drops covering the leaves of plants  making it look   like monsoon season. We all were busy taking photos and enjoying the view. Gradually as we approached the point it became quiet crowded. As it was a weekend it was usual as people get time to spend with their family and friends. As for all of us it was our first time visit to that place we were totally dependent on two things GPS and driver  🙂
 DSC_0137above the clouds ❤ 🙂
We saw a long queue of cars.. Me and Roopa got so exited seeing the fogy and amazing surrounding we both got down from the car and started clicking pics.. pooja and Devi also followed us..lol.. As we were busy taking pics and selfies, we forgot that we were blocking the way of vehicles, the sounds of horns made us remind, that we are in the middle of a road taking pictures..… We rushed back to our car.. After few minutes ride we realized that its already sunrise.. we hurried towards the spot from where we can see the view..
The view was awesome we were above clouds; the white clouds were turning golden. The beam of lights was passing through the gaps between the branches of trees. It was like shiny golden ray passing through green leaves. It was amazing. The surrounding was full of big trees…The peak point was bit crowded but the view was worth watching. As we were on the top of the hill we were almost above the Clouds, slowly the sun stated rising making the white cloud golden with its rays. It was mesmerizing view… a heavenly feeling.
DSC_0163.JPG cute monkey.. ❤
With the rising sun going above the clouds the fog started to fade away slowly. All were busy capturing the moment in camera. We all friends went and sat at a spot where we can enjoy the beauty of the nature for sometime..
DSC_0166 DSC_0205
I sometimes wonder that how beautiful nature is, a moment spent in the lap of nature will take all your pain and make you feel relax. These kinds of places always attract me as it woks like a medicine for my soul.
After sometime we explored the temple and near by places .There is a beautiful siva temple made of stone..The surrounding was beautiful with greenery all around.One can find group of monkeys jumping here and there from one tree to another. Altogether the trip was awesome we all had breakfast together and started our journey back..
It was really an amazing trip with my friend’s. 🙂


(For information – It is 60 km north of Bangalore and 10 km after Doddaballapura on the way to Gauribidanur. It begins with a 2-km walk on the railway track from the station of Makalidurga.)

(Best time – one can visit any time . We did this trek on a rainy day and witnesses above the cloud experience and awesome weather.)


Never thought trekking would be such an amazing experience that too in a cloudy and drizzling weather. Lush green trees, wet land, rain water passing through stones making it slippery and shiny, cool and fresh wind blowing making you feel lively, This 1st trek of mine gave me an awesome experience that how beautiful and divine nature is. It was rainy and cold , we a group of 10 people started our journey from Bangalore to maakalidurga which is 60km away from Bangalore, it was a very interesting journey where 10 different people interacted with each other about their experience in trekking. It was nearly 2 hours journey and we reached our destination. We were guided by subu and damu who were the organizers who lead our group. They showed us the two hills which were very high.

For a person like me after looking at those  hills  the only thing  which came in to my mind  was OMG how we are going to climb, I was very surprised  ???? 🙂 Looking at the hills made me remind of the hills which I used to gaze from  the window of train in my childhood ,I  never thought  I would climb such a hill ever. We all started climbing up, the rocks were slippery and wet but it didn’t stop us as our group was full of liveliness. Once we reached to a height the view from there was stunning. The view of the train passing by and the lush green grasses was marvelous. As we started climbing again  it was a bit scary but I can say I meet some of the best trekkers who were awesome people helping and encouraging us  which really made us feel confident. Crossing steep rocks  and thorny bushes we reached at the first peak. It was windy and cold but we all had a satisfaction that we conquered the first peak. We all took rest for a while, few were taking snaps of the beautiful surrounding.After few minutes we started our journey towards the second hill. From the first hill top we could see the glimpse of the second hill covered with clouds. We all formed small groups and started coming down and headed towards the second hill. The 2nd hill was quite steep with long grasses, trees and small streams of water rolling down.

As we proceed towards the top it was quite windy and cold, on the way we stopped for a while and had our lunch .Then we proceed towards the top of the hill, within sometime we reached the top and  that place was heavenly beautiful. We found a fort at the Hill top and a small shiva temple as well. Lush green grasses covered with dew drops, clouds touching our face, cool wind blowing, it was an amazing experience. We all sat there and enjoyed the amazing weather (thanks to nilam cyclone).it was so cold at the top we all were severing still enjoying the view.The fragrance of soil and wild flowers and the rain drops on the petals of the flowers and leaves were making me feel magical. 

It was a big moment for me as it was my first trek .We explored the second hill and started our journey back; with in some time we reached at the base. It was a very satisfying and nice moment for us as we successfully conquered two hills, on our way back home we missed our train but had an amazing truck ride 🙂 Yes we came back by truck and it was really an awesome experience.

This trip was amazing..One of the best trips I ever had.:) 🙂