(For information – It is 60 km north of Bangalore and 10 km after Doddaballapura on the way to Gauribidanur. It begins with a 2-km walk on the railway track from the station of Makalidurga.)

(Best time – one can visit any time . We did this trek on a rainy day and witnesses above the cloud experience and awesome weather.)


Never thought trekking would be such an amazing experience that too in a cloudy and drizzling weather. Lush green trees, wet land, rain water passing through stones making it slippery and shiny, cool and fresh wind blowing making you feel lively, This 1st trek of mine gave me an awesome experience that how beautiful and divine nature is. It was rainy and cold , we a group of 10 people started our journey from Bangalore to maakalidurga which is 60km away from Bangalore, it was a very interesting journey where 10 different people interacted with each other about their experience in trekking. It was nearly 2 hours journey and we reached our destination. We were guided by subu and damu who were the organizers who lead our group. They showed us the two hills which were very high.

For a person like me after looking at those  hills  the only thing  which came in to my mind  was OMG how we are going to climb, I was very surprised  ???? 🙂 Looking at the hills made me remind of the hills which I used to gaze from  the window of train in my childhood ,I  never thought  I would climb such a hill ever. We all started climbing up, the rocks were slippery and wet but it didn’t stop us as our group was full of liveliness. Once we reached to a height the view from there was stunning. The view of the train passing by and the lush green grasses was marvelous. As we started climbing again  it was a bit scary but I can say I meet some of the best trekkers who were awesome people helping and encouraging us  which really made us feel confident. Crossing steep rocks  and thorny bushes we reached at the first peak. It was windy and cold but we all had a satisfaction that we conquered the first peak. We all took rest for a while, few were taking snaps of the beautiful surrounding.After few minutes we started our journey towards the second hill. From the first hill top we could see the glimpse of the second hill covered with clouds. We all formed small groups and started coming down and headed towards the second hill. The 2nd hill was quite steep with long grasses, trees and small streams of water rolling down.

As we proceed towards the top it was quite windy and cold, on the way we stopped for a while and had our lunch .Then we proceed towards the top of the hill, within sometime we reached the top and  that place was heavenly beautiful. We found a fort at the Hill top and a small shiva temple as well. Lush green grasses covered with dew drops, clouds touching our face, cool wind blowing, it was an amazing experience. We all sat there and enjoyed the amazing weather (thanks to nilam cyclone).it was so cold at the top we all were severing still enjoying the view.The fragrance of soil and wild flowers and the rain drops on the petals of the flowers and leaves were making me feel magical. 

It was a big moment for me as it was my first trek .We explored the second hill and started our journey back; with in some time we reached at the base. It was a very satisfying and nice moment for us as we successfully conquered two hills, on our way back home we missed our train but had an amazing truck ride 🙂 Yes we came back by truck and it was really an awesome experience.

This trip was amazing..One of the best trips I ever had.:) 🙂 


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