(for information  Nandi Hills is 10 km from Chickballapur town and approximately 60 km from the city of Bengaluru ,Karnataka,India )
(Best time to Visit – One can visit Nandi Hills throughout the year. But according to me winter is the best choice , one can experience the foggy mountains and beautiful sunrise if you can reach as early as 5:30 am.) 
It’s been three years … when we are going to Nandi hills to see sunrise, let’s go this weekend. “Shaheen (my best friend) ditched me and went along with her office colleagues (without me ) I want to tease her ,that I went without her … it would be fun…” this is what I told my roommate Roopa few minutes before leaving for office… It was just a sudden plan… we never thought we will make it… as Roopa also loves travelling  like me our plan worked and the session of calls started. I called Puja who never says no to any of my plans. Roopa planed of calling her cousin sister and yes we are done… Four people one cab and the trip begin..
As it was winter we decided to start early so that we will not miss sunrise from the hill top. I was very  excited as I am crazy about nature. Its been long I have not been for any trekking with my group.. I always feel there is something in nature which will make one forget everything and will give you a fresh and unique feeling.
We fixed the time it was 4:30 am when we board the cab. It was windy and cold outside. Cool breeze was blowing.. It was chilling outside but our excitement was more than that. We were on our way to pick Roopa’s cousin. The roads were empty, the busy streets were silent…and there was not a single soul outside.. We picked Roopa’s cousin and she was quit excited about the trip as well.. We began our journey towards Nandi Hills(Bangalore) which is 60km from our place.. It’s a place famous for natural beauty, sunrise, hills, trekking and bike rides… it’s a famous tourist place and people visit this place mainly to see the sunrise and the sunset from the peak point and to have above the cloud experience..
Our cab started moving towards nandi hills . Pooja and me were busy updating status on face book regarding our trip and Rupa was busy controlling her hunger.. lol.. thank god  that her cousin bought some food or else she would have jumped out of the car.. (She cant control her hunger 🙂 lol) it was a amazing ride, we saw many people rushing towards the same destination on cars and bikes..As we were gazing outside the window of our cab, we saw a group of bike riders who were enjoying riding towards the top of the hill. It was a nice view bikes in rows, Royal Enfield (my favorite) and other cool bikes racing together. Me and Pooja were busy dreaming about a bike ride 🙂 Rupa and Devi were busy taking photos. Music and long drive it’s a wonderful feeling. It was around 5 am, we were able to see the sky bit clear, it was misty and fogy outside. The view outside was breathtaking…
As we were going toward the top the climate was getting more chill and fogy .One can find tress on both sides of road… gradually the sky was turning red indicating the time of sunrise. The whole panorama of fields, trees and red sky was like a painting with different colour patterns..
As we went up towards the hill with the increase in altitude the atmosphere started getting cooler, the view outside was so divine and beautiful, glimpse of trees with background covered with fog, dew drops covering the leaves of plants  making it look   like monsoon season. We all were busy taking photos and enjoying the view. Gradually as we approached the point it became quiet crowded. As it was a weekend it was usual as people get time to spend with their family and friends. As for all of us it was our first time visit to that place we were totally dependent on two things GPS and driver  🙂
 DSC_0137above the clouds ❤ 🙂
We saw a long queue of cars.. Me and Roopa got so exited seeing the fogy and amazing surrounding we both got down from the car and started clicking pics.. pooja and Devi also followed As we were busy taking pics and selfies, we forgot that we were blocking the way of vehicles, the sounds of horns made us remind, that we are in the middle of a road taking pictures..… We rushed back to our car.. After few minutes ride we realized that its already sunrise.. we hurried towards the spot from where we can see the view..
The view was awesome we were above clouds; the white clouds were turning golden. The beam of lights was passing through the gaps between the branches of trees. It was like shiny golden ray passing through green leaves. It was amazing. The surrounding was full of big trees…The peak point was bit crowded but the view was worth watching. As we were on the top of the hill we were almost above the Clouds, slowly the sun stated rising making the white cloud golden with its rays. It was mesmerizing view… a heavenly feeling.
DSC_0163.JPG cute monkey.. ❤
With the rising sun going above the clouds the fog started to fade away slowly. All were busy capturing the moment in camera. We all friends went and sat at a spot where we can enjoy the beauty of the nature for sometime..
DSC_0166 DSC_0205
I sometimes wonder that how beautiful nature is, a moment spent in the lap of nature will take all your pain and make you feel relax. These kinds of places always attract me as it woks like a medicine for my soul.
After sometime we explored the temple and near by places .There is a beautiful siva temple made of stone..The surrounding was beautiful with greenery all around.One can find group of monkeys jumping here and there from one tree to another. Altogether the trip was awesome we all had breakfast together and started our journey back..
It was really an amazing trip with my friend’s. 🙂


      1. We went with a driver.If you want you can book according to your choice as both the options are available… You can easily book your cab online…you can try with ola cabs.. 🙂

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