For information – Kaurava Kunda is  located near Chikaballapur village, about 75 kms from Bangalore.Best time to visit -this place is convenient for both day and night trek.
From my personal experience we did this trek on dec 31st (winter season )  it was a night trek and early morning on the eve of new year we witnessed awesome sunrise and above the cloud experience. So if you are crazy about fogy hills and amazing sunrise winter is the best time to visit. 🙂 ) 
Being a person who loves adventure and crazy stuffs going on a night trek was one of my wish.. Never thought it would be such an amazing experience for me.What can be more awesome than enjoying the sunrise of the New Year on a hill top.  The beauty of which can’t be explained in words. For me and my best friend it was our last hour decision to go for the night trek , the experience which we got was  the most memorable experience we ever had.
We all started from Hebbal towards our destination Kaurava Kunda which is near Chikbalapur , 70 km away from Bangalore. I was very happy to see the full moon out of the car’s window. It was always my dream to be on a hill top from where I could see star studded sky and a full moon . I can say I was blessed that my dream came true on the eve of New Year, which made me witness a beautiful night sky,  followed by  a beautiful sunrise.
Within one and half hours we reached our destination, parked our vehicles near the village from where we all covered a walk able distance up to the starting point of the hill. After resting for a while we started our journey towards the top, we got divided into groups and started climbing. As we headed towards top it became more foggy and chill. Cool breeze was blowing, the path was bushy, with lots of thorns and due to the fog it was a bit difficult to locate the hill top. As we all were in two groups following two different ways we were calling each other’s  names in order to be in touch.
Due to lack of moon light as it was cloudy , I must admit it was quite tough to climb. With the increase in height the fog was increasing, as our group always  believe in creating a new trial by not following the exiting one.It was exiting but many times we were losing the direction and path,sometimes we were coming to the same place again and again..
After reaching a good height we were able to see small lights at the base of the hill, which was an awesome view. A group of dogs even trekked with us 😉 (being a dog lover i was exited to see them  🙂 ) from the base.. they accompanied us till we reached  the top.


they followed us from base till top 🙂
It was  2hr journey  from the base to top. As we were very near reaching the top I sat for a while, one of our group member (Damu) went to see the way towards the top.. as I was resting he suddenly called us , when I reached there I was shocked to see a steep rock . As we were following our own trial ,the only way to reach the top was to climb that step rock.,for few minutes I thought this is going  to be my end.. I secretly looked back to see the depth in order to analyze that if I will fall , I will be injured or dead…But I gathered courage, I tried my best to climb, and I did it.. God knows how..the other members and my best pal was already at the top,as they followed a different path they were at the top before us. she and others were wondering whether we got lost or something.. :).We all gathered as it was exactly 11.57 pm.we were happy  that we reached on time and celebrated the New Year eve together.
For some time we looked was cold, foggy.. and amazing… . The next task was to cook as all of us were very hungry.. we choose a place to start cooking …  we all started gathering dry leaves and sticks to start the campfire… But due to the damp weather every thing was wet .. it was very difficult for us as the matchsticks was wet too.. no papers, no, lighters… so after long attempts we got a bit disappointed and thought of canceling the plan of cooking.. But all thanks to Sandeep who at last got a paper out of his bag… which was like a ray of hope for us 😀 soon after lots of attempts we were successful to set the fire.
We all rushed to prepare our meal – MAGGIE…:)  believe me it was  awesome… .after finishing meal  we  put out the fire as it was quit windy….we all headed towards the place where we took rest..
we all started talking with each other on various topics… suddenly for few hours we all dozed off, I heard Damu’s voice shouting…. WAKE UP… and our eyes were surprised to see the most beautiful thing ever..The sunrise ..the horizon was looking like a saffron line with the blanket of clouds like waves in the ocean 🙂


blanket of cloud… 😉

It was something very unique and  extraordinary experience , a moment to remember.. a feeling that how beautiful nature is… we all were blessed to see to such an event .. we all like mad fellows started taking photos…



sun rays making the surrounding golden 😉

It was like we were in heaven….and suddenly what we saw was an orange ball (SUN) emerging out of the clouds…the first sunrise of the year… suddenly the white clouds..turned golden… like a golden carpet….showing us how amazing nature is….


clouds ..clouds everywhere..




the first sunrise of new year.. making the clouds look like golden waves in sea… ❤

The beauty can’t be expressed in words.. the beauty which you could only feel and capture in your memory…

FB_IMG_1487763427631 (1)

it’s me above the clouds …aha.. amazing experience..


after the sunrise… 😉

I found myself very lucky to fulfill one of my greatest dreams with a bunch of crazy and wonderful people.. after enjoying our best, taking snaps of each other  we all decided  to go down… we all headed was really an unforgettable experience…while coming back.. we saw the beautiful village, colorful rangoli’s ,beautiful bird’s and  grapes plantation even got to see a lotus pond..  from where I collected some..:)  it was really an amazing experience thanks to my group  for  making my new year so special…. and memorable…


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