(For information – Odisha lies on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent. Famous for temples, beaches , handicrafts and ecotourism )
Being born in Odisha a coastal state of India, I have an unique connection towards sea. From my childhood I used to play in sand and run towards the waves, I used to love chasing waves and collect seashells from the coast. Like every kid I used to build castle of sand. My parents used to take me to sea beach on weekends,that’s how I developed my love towards sea. The sound of the waves, the colour of the water and the boats moving up and down , the beauty was mesmerizing. I still remember, how I used to run behind crabs to see their home 🙂 .  Indeed childhood is the best time in anyone’s life.


cute crab

DSC00082.JPGits mesmerizing 🙂 ❤
I used to sit and gaze towards the horizon thinking, that is the point where the sky touches the sea ha-ha.. 🙂 Sometimes we used to stay late on full moon day to see the  beauty of the  sea and  the moon. The reflection of moon light, shimmering on the sea is really miraculous.
With time we shifted from one coastal area to another,after a long time I got a change to visit sea beach.My dad accompanied me.I was extremely happy, and I can say the inner child in me was very excited to play around.
With time things changes, but the inner child inside each one of us never vanish. As we reached the coast, all memories of my childhood rushed into my mind. It was crazy; I was running towards the sea to touch the waves. This time I was not making castle but yes, I did saw crabs and shells all over the place and I was really exited.
DSC00049.JPGlet’s goooo 🙂
DSC00053.JPGchasing the waves…. 🙂
The fishermen were pulling their boats out of water , few were getting ready to venture into the sea with their nets and some of them were very happy with their catch of the day. I was just thinking, how nature teaches us lot of things , the scenario was something  like our life, sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don’t,but still we keep trying..and that’s what life is all about.


Their boats were wonderfully painted in different colour’s; I sat for a while to enjoying the scene of the boat being pulled by the fishermen towards the sea.


DSC00073.JPGcatch me..if u can … 🙂 ❤
It was amazing, as I was enjoying the beauty of the sea, I saw a small kid playing in the sand and chasing the waves. It was really an appealing view, happy soul enjoying life, the simplicity, the smile and the happiness of that kid was really fascinating. I was thinking looking at him, that some day he too will grow up and will sit and think about his childhood memories and cherish it.
While coming back from the beach looking towards the sea the only thing that came into my mind was- nature is beautiful…enjoy each and every moment of your life …cherish your memories … ♥♥♥♥
The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever -Jacques Yves Cousteau

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