Trip to Chandragiri -(Phuntsokling) Jeerango temple (ODISHA)


(For information – Odisha lies on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent. Famous for temples, beaches , handicrafts and ecotourism 🙂 to reach jeerango temple one can reach Chandragiri town from where monastery is around five to six km.)

Sometimes we feel connected towards certain places, which are beyond our understanding. I have always felt a mysterious attachment towards Buddhist monastery and temples. The sound of the prayer bells, the beautiful statue of Buddha meditating, and the divine prayers, it always pulls me towards these places. It was a one day trip with my parents to the beautiful temple of Jeerango, in Odisha, India. I was much exited as I heard a lot about the beauty of this place.


Chandragiri is very famous for its beautiful landscape. This place is surrounded by forest, hills and rivers making it a heaven for nature lovers. This place is famous for beautiful Tibetan settlement and Jeerongo temple.

It is said that these people have moved to Odisha around 1960’s and have settled since then. They have truly converted this location into a very beautiful place. The people living here are mostly involved in cultivation mainly maize, weaving and making beautiful handicrafts. Their handmade woolen garments and handicrafts are very famous among tourists.

Once you come near the settlement one can find flags of different colours on both side of the road indication the direction towards the temple. The movement of these colourful flags with the wind makes this area more eye-catching and beautiful. I was feeling like I was some where in Tibet 🙂


.As this place is situated at a height of about 3200 feet above sea-level, the climate is appropriate for agriculture and cultivation done in this area. After a few hours of travel we reached the Jorango temple. “Chandragiri “is also known as Phuntsokling” by the local people, which means “land of happiness and plenty”. The beauty of the monastery was amazing, with a big beautiful entrance door leading inside. The entrance door was beautifully carved with colorful bright designs,


 with well maintained garden on both sides of the monastery and steps leading to the main temple. On Both side of the temple one can find hostel for students who stay and study there. Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel. There is one big playground for the students as well. This place is very scenic and divine. We gradually headed towards the main temple. Taking photos inside the temple and prayer hall is prohibited.

DSC_0056.JPGWe went inside and saw a huge idol of Lord Buddha. It was stunning and mesmerizing. We sat there for a while and conveyed our prayers. The fragrance of incense sticks and flowers were making the place more divine. The outer walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful paintings.The outer roof and walls are also beautifully colored and painted in green and golden.After spending some time inside the temple premises,


                                     view from the temple towards the main the gate 🙂




we came out and headed towards a small temple on left side of the main temple. It’s also a beautiful place with a small garden full of flowers of different colours and beautiful Tibetan bells.






colourful flags 🙂



We spent some time over there and headed back, on the way we crossed some parts of the village and settlements . I saw huge piles of corn being cleaned and stored in big store houses. Ladies involved in knitting woolen clothes. Small kids playing outside 🙂 in few places people were engaged in managing cattle’s and feeding them. I got to know that the products these people make are exported to European market, mostly the carpet. There is also a carpet weaving factory started with collaboration with Swiss government. 🙂

I was really happy seeing these people love and passion towards their culture and tradition.

It was really an awesome trip and a place to remember 🙂



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