(for information – This hill is near muthurayanabetta (Kanakapura highway)

We (our group members) did a sudden plan for going on a night trek . The location and the hill was selected which was around 35 km from Bangalore. It was Saturday and we were ready to start our night trek, but within few hours it started raining heavily , me and my bestie were bit confused what to do as it was raining cats and dogs.It is very difficult to  do a night trek  that too when its raining  hard.

As it was already planned we all headed towards the location in our friend’s car. The rain droops were  splashing on the glass window , I was wondering, if it is wise to take risk… But slowly the intensity of rain started decreasing.Within few hours we reached  the location. There was a temple on the base of the hill; from where it was straight path leading towards the trail.We slowly moved towards the hill. The hill was dry  with few bushes and shrubs. It was bit slippery as well with  few elevated slopes  which one need to climb in order to reach  the top.


Within one hour of climb we reached the top.  After  resting for a while we stated exploring the place. It was really amazing to see such big boulders of rock, we even tried climbing few.. 🙂 

After an hours of exploration and chit chat we decided to take rest so that we can wake up early and enjoy sunrise.The sky was bit cloudy with few stars twinkling, small clusters of lights were visible from the village.. it was completely silent and peaceful. 

We all woke up around 5:30 am to witness the sunrise. It was really beautiful. The orange ball of fire was emerging making the sky look like a painting, it was mesmerizing, and we all sat and enjoyed the view.It’s really beautiful experience to witness sunrise from the top of the hill…The golden rays of sun were slowly making the hill brighter and shimmering. it was bit cool and windy as well.

 We enjoyed the sunrise and after few hours decided to climb down. 

sunrise 🙂





Within few hours we reached at the base. We took rest for a while near the temple. Their was a beautiful pond and Siva temple..the pond was surrounded by  coconut trees and neem trees (Indian lilac) .

pond 🙂


It was really soothing and beautiful. There was a small village nearby. Talking with the villagers we got to know that the hill which we planed to climb is on the other side of one we actually climbed 🙂 😛  We all were laughing but it was fine with us, as this hill was a bit higher in elevation in comparison to the planned one.


We roamed near the village for few minute, few people were cleaning their houses and were putting rangoli ( a traditional Indian art form using coloured sand or powder to decorate a floor)

turkey 😀

Suddenly I found a cute turkey wandering around 🙂 🙂 ha-ha.. It was royally moving around and was bit surprised looking at us (strangers) 🙂 Once it found us new it gave us a suspicious look and ran away from us.. It was really amusing and funny 🙂

We all started our journey back towards Bangalore. Altogether it was a nice trek 🙂







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