Whenever I travel, I try my best to seize a window seat , I enjoy watching nature. I like observing nature, I feel peaceful..(“I love not Man the less,but Nature more”) haha… 🙂 Most of the time  I hear comments from my relatives and friends… are your crazy shradha ? 🙂 are you talking with those trees ? what they are saying ?? 🙂 .. Most of them don’t know about my trekking experience and blog too..lol. 😛  I feel hilarious because sometimes its difficult to make others understand the unique connection I feel towards nature. Nature has always been a mystery for me a unique divine mystery. Many people do ask me why are  you so fascinated about trekking?? I just say, forest and mountains call each one of us! Only a certain few hears the call! 😉 

Nature taught me many things… Sometimes being an introvert is not so bad at all.. 🙂 I feel like a small kid enjoying each and every sounds of nature, I love the sound of flowing water the rustling of leaves the sound of birds, the view from the hill top and deep forest…It gives me a feeling that how special and unique nature is… each and every diverse creation of nature whether a small plant, a huge tree or a beautiful vine, nature is equal for all. It teaches us that, there is nothing wrong with us, each and everything is appreciated by nature. Rotten and decomposed remain of trees give rise to new plants which slowly grows over them…life goes on…

In the lap of  mother nature you can truly understand yourself. You feel free(the real you) ,you feel recharged… as you are before god.. I find this thing really amazing.. “The connection”.. 🙂 😉

New folder.jpg

 Each and every time I trek I feel different….I did so many treks, In few of my treks I really tried observing is it really conquering a hill that matters ???? or  do I really understanding what nature want’s to teach me … trust me, its my personal experience that once you start observing nature it unfolds many mysteries….time slows down….each and every phenomena happening in nature is beautiful. The beautiful night sky full of stars…… a group of ants on a fruit….it can be a small garden in our backyard too, or a fogy hills or misty forest… 🙂 it really have a unique beauty.

Now days everybody is busy with their own lives , but spare sometime look around you, nature is waiting for you… save it…preserve it and love it… and if you feel connected with it as I do, then enjoy it… as Helen Keller has rightly said “the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched…they must be felt with heart… ❤


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