Enchanting beauty of Chikmagalur (PART 1)

beautiful nature

(for information – The best time to visit Chikmagalur is between September and March. If you want to enjoy the waterfalls then the best time to visit  is during the rainy season.)

Beautiful hills and awesome climate, Chikmagalur is one of my favorite destination in Karnataka… being 250 km away from Bangalore in the foothills of the mullayanagiri range, nature has bestowed all its beauty overhear. It was a two days trip with my colleagues to Chikmagalur . We planed to reside in a homestay and cover few nearby places and Baba Budangiri range /datta peeta /Dattagiri range  (hills).As usual I seized a window seat 😛 as the climate outside was amazing, it was drizzling and bit fogy… the long drive was amazing & magical with green trees on both sides of the  road . I was enjoying each and every moment.. The cool breeze and the view of misty hills, glimpse of coffee plantation were making the atmosphere dreamier. 🙂 


It was almost dark when we reached the homestay….As we all were exhausted we decided to take rest. I was gazing from the window of my room, it was dark outside. The rain was splashing hard, the smell of soil, woods and wild flowers were making the place more mystifying and magical; there were no street lights, only a small light twinkling near the front yard. It was cool and freezing as well. As it was late we decided to have our dinner and take rest.

Next day we woke up early to explore the place…

view from the window 🙂


When I opened the window the view was captivating. It was fogy and the place was surrounded with trees. I got exited and went out, there were varieties of trees all around, beautiful wild flowers, pepper vines, mango and lemon trees.

mango tree 🙂 ❤
wild flower 🙂

There was a small garden outside the homestay as well with variety of plants and flowers… we formed groups and started exploring the area.. 

garden area 🙂
beautiful flower 🙂 ❤
red ants on a lemon tree 🙂

few dogs followed us from the homestay 🙂The paths were bit muddy and wet due to rain, we explored nearby places and reached straight to the road & decided to take a walk ahead with our new friends (dogs) 🙂 

he was bit sleepy 😛 🙂 ❤
small stream 🙂

as it was early morning the road was empty,  birds  were chirping, due to rain small streams of water which were  previously dried were full with water.




There were small houses nearby with smoke coming out from their chimneys.The place was really serene,away from crowd, with greenery everywhere. It was like a mysterious place the more you go inside the more you explore.. I was very happy as it was like a dream land for me, mesmerizing and beautiful. We all took loots of pictures and decided to go back as we were about to get ready and start our trip towards Baba Budangiri range /datta peeta /Dattagiri range  (hills) .…

 To be continued…. 🙂



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