Enchanting beauty of Chikmagalur (PART 2)

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. —–Gerard De Nerval

 As I was describing about the beauty of  Chikmagalur  in https://shradha099.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/enchanting-beauty-of-chikmagalur-part-1/ 

specially about the place where we were staying and the nearby area. After exploring the location we all decided to get ready and start our trip towards    Baba Budangiri range /datta peeta /Dattagiri range  (hills). The way towards the hill was breath-taking. The route was captivating with beautiful trees downhill.

the view  🙂 ❤
DSC00186 - Copy.JPG
road ahead …..

Nature is really marvelous and dynamic…The shadows of the clouds passing over, were giving an impression of dark blue colour to the hills, making it look  beautiful like a work of art.. The tress were even giving an impression of changing colours from dark green to lighter shades.. 🙂 it was miraculous…

colours of nature 🙂

After travelling for an hour or two we came across a place where there was a small water fall and a pond, the weather was really hot so we decided to rest for a while near that water source..

stream of water…. 🙂

The place was cool with  green trees around; the sound of the flowing water was  soothing.

small waterfall ❤

After relaxing for half an hour we decided to move ahead towards the hill…After few hours of journey we reached the location… it was still sunny… there was a pond near the hill. Few of us thought of exploring the nearby hill and started climbing..

climbing up…

The hill was dry and bit rocky..it was an easy climb but we were bit exhausted due to scorching heat .. after going to a good height the view was really amazing..

mesmerizing view from the top of the hill…

it was full of trees and mist.. we sat there for a while… it was an incredible feeling.. the climate was bit cooler as we were on a good height . we were totally lost in the beauty of that place. But suddenly we saw half of the crew calling us from downhill as they were not aware we went uphills without informing them.  😛 we were not in a mood as it was really amazing view  at the top , but we decided to go back bidding adieu to the beautiful hill… it was really an amazing trip.. while going back it was almost evening… the road was fully covered with fog… 🙂

 It was really difficult for the driver to drive , but the place was looking amazing.. with approaching darkness and fogy road it was looking like we were entering a dream world.. By the time we reached Bangalore it was almost dark, we were very tired.. Altogether it was a awesome trip, and Chikmagalur became one of my favorite destination




6 thoughts on “Enchanting beauty of Chikmagalur (PART 2)

  1. I had heard so much about the scenic beauty of chikmangalur. Today your pics have certified it to be true. Glad that you enjoyed your trip. The first picture of you clicking the flower and the shadow falling on it is simply superb!!

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