what does little birdie say ? :)

my little bird

With the arrival of summer season , day by day the temperature is increasing rapidly. The scorching heat has become unbearable for not only human but for birds and animals too…so I thought of sharing few things we do for our birdie friends every summer…

 It has become a routine for my mom to feed birds regularly. Every morning they will be waiting for her chipping near our backyard door .Once the food is given  more than thirty birds will flock around flapping their wings making a loud noise (last time I got scared 😛 and suddenly woke up because of that noise) then it would be like a competition, who can eat more 😛 few of them will come all the way crossing the door to cheek if some bits of gain have fallen.   😀

(sorry I was not able to take pictures , the moment they saw me taking their pictures they flew away 😦  ( I tried putting an art made by me .. I guess the birds & bird lovers will not get angry seeing my terrible artistic skill  🙂 😛 

Every summer we keep water for the birds who visit our garden, I have seen them sitting in groups and drinking water.. Trust me it really makes me happy…  🙂

Once  my bestie saheen told me that  from past one year she  is feeding birds,as she stays in an apartment, she keeps food for them near her window and a small bird frequently visit that place…. I was really  happy to hear that 🙂

Yesterday few of my friend’s were discussing about keeping birds at home.. But in my personal opinion I never liked that idea. What I believe birds are happy when they are free.

I have seen in pet shops they are kept in cages to be sold to the customers, I really feel sad; they look so numb and gloomy trying hard to get out of those cages. It hurts me a loot. I love watching them flying everywhere, sitting on trees  and going where ever they want to…. 🙂 

In the end  I can only say spare some time , put some food and water in your garden area or near  your window …who knows in some time you may get a new birdie friend.

Share your views… 🙂 do you like feeding birds?? 


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