An encounter with a double rainbow (An unforgettable experience) :)

a rare view of double rainbow
We a group of friends were on a trip to Coorg,(Karnataka,India). That day the weather was cold and it was drizzling ,our plan was to go for river rafting. We were really exited as the weather was amazing outside… (Rafting in rain 😛 I was feeling like a national geographic adventurer 😛 ) After finishing our rafting we were heading towards our homestay in our car..
Sitting inside we were enjoying the climate, the road was completely empty, suddenly I saw a RAINBOW , I was really delighted as it was quite near to us. The source of the rainbow was the same river where we did rafting. But what we saw that it was not one but two rainbows  😀 … and we were really shocked & exited… it was like a miracle..
we were standing near the fence 🙂 ❤
 I have never heard about double rainbow, but that day I was watching it from a very close distance. I was shocked and speechless.. Even though it was raining we rushed outside near the fence, the other side of the fence was a corn field and ahead of it was the river,  where the rainbow was formed.. The colour was very intense, it was magical.. We were shouting with joy. To our surprise we were the only group present at that location. It was a mesmerizing moment for us.
As we went for  rafting most of my friends had kept their mobile phones at the home stay, and I was the only one who was carrying my phone with me… and I  feel really lucky that I was able to capture that moment  .. 😀 After few minutes the secondary rainbow started fading away. Suddenly it started getting sunny, and slowly and slowly the secondly rainbow vanished.
slowly the second rainbow started fading away..
the primary rainbow after the secondary vanished..
  I feel we were really lucky and blessed to witness such a wonderful experience that day.. Nature is beautiful and full of mysteries.. ❤ 🙂
 Do share your opinion… 🙂  have you ever seen a double rainbow??

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