The gulmohar tree… ❤

Time spent with friends are always memorable, when you sit with them and enjoy random stuffs and topics.. 🙂 😛 You just keep on talking and listening to them forgetting about everything and when you part away and get busy with your own life , you miss those memories and funny talks you used to do.. I still remember the window from where me and my friends used to look at the beautiful Gulmohar tree (The Royal Poinciana), filled with orange flowers. 

beautiful flowers … ❤ ❤

We used sit and enjoy our long conversations. 🙂 Sometimes the view from the window used to be very beautiful during rain and monsoon. The rain drops used to make those trees green and vivid.. The blossoms used to look beautiful. The leaves of the trees  used to get clean with rain drops making it  more  vibrant. The rows of Gulmohar trees near the roadside were making the locality beautiful,one can find beautiful petals of flowers spread across the road.. 

Many times I used to see small squirrels sitting on the branch of the tree , jumping from one branch to another and playing around 🙂 small birds too used to rest on the branches to protect themselves from the scorching sun…

 Me and my friends used to wait for the weekends to sit near the window and do our conversations 😛 it was like the tree too used to be a part of our team, a member who is listening to each and every conversation 🙂 the movement of leaves of the tree with the wind was like an indication that nature too is enjoying our funny conversations.. 🙂

 Those memories will last forever.. Those conversations of ours sitting near the window looking at our Gulmohar tree ❤ with our cup of coffee will always be cherished by us.. 🙂 ❤


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