( for information – Madikeri is a popular hill station in southern India in the state of Karnataka. This is a famous tourist destination. It is approx 260 km from Bangalore. Best time to visit Madikeri is winter (December-February) as weather remains pleasant during this time of the year.
 Abbey falls-It is located in between private coffee and spice estates. It is located 8 km from madikeri and 268 km from Bangalore. The river is part of the early reaches of the river Kaveri. The best time to visit abbey falls is monsoon till October when the water is plenty. One can enjoy the view from the hanging bridge opposite to water fall )


Madikeri is the district headquarter of Kodagu, also known as Coorg . Sanctified with nature’s splendor and amazing climate it is heaven for nature lovers. The plan was for a short two days trip with my friends to Madikeri and Abbey falls. I was really exited as for me its one of my favorite destination. Lushly green forest, coffee estates, spice plantation, fog and drizzling rain.. I don’t think anything else can make me happier than this. 😛 😀 We started our journey from Bangalore towards madikeri . The trip was very pleasant with beautiful roads and greenery all over the place. It was raining and cold outside…

It was almost dark when we reached our home stay. We   had our dinner and decided to enjoy the weather a bit more sitting around campfire. 😀 we enjoyed till late forgetting about the rain and cold weather. As it was getting late and the temperature was decreasing  we decided to go  back to our rooms and take rest..

beautiful view from the balcony 🙂


After getting a good sleep I woke up early in the morning to explore the nearby place, the weather was cold and it was drizzling, I went out of my room near the balcony & the view outside was stunning . Green trees were surrounding the place with fog and cloud passing over  houses. The hills in the background was making the view more picturesque. I decided to go to the roof top to get a better view. The view from roof was truly relaxing and amazing. The surrounding was calm and quite and it was making the place more heavenly. Due to the drizzling weather the colour of the plants and trees were looking more intense.

the clouds passive over trees and hills ❤ ❤ 🙂


view from the roof top 🙂 ❤

Meanwhile few of my friends got up and we decided to go out and move around the place a bit more. As it was early morning the roads were empty, wild flowers were blooming all around. There were small pathways leading to  gardens with beautiful plants and trees. The view of the hills from a distance was looking amazing like a beautiful painting.


early morning .. empty roads and drizzling weather…. ❤
narrow path inside garden 🙂


garden area 🙂


wild flower’s…

We decided to go back as we were supposed to visit Abbey falls. We had our breakfast and got ready for the next adventure.  Within few hours of journey we reached abbey falls. It’s a beautiful waterfall in between private coffee estate and spice plantation and a small path leading towards the waterfall. 🙂 

way towards the abbey falls 🙂 ❤

 It was our good luck as the crowd was bit less that day. The path leading towards the waterfall was bit muddy and wet due to the rainy weather , and we were lucky again as the waterfall was gushing with water, we were able hear the voice of the water from a distance. 🙂  it was amazing. As we were able to visit the place at the right time of the year when the water flow remain plenty while in summer it reduces.

mesmerizing view … ❤  ❤


Beauty of abbey falls ❤ 🙂


The view of the water fall was incredible, the water was gushing from the top of the hills and the surrounding was full with trees. Small white wild flowers were blooming near the water fall making it look more stunning. All were busy clicking pictures. 😀 few of us decided to go to the hanging bridge opposite to the water fall from where one can get a beautiful view of the falls.

hanging bridge opposite to the waterfall.. one can get a direct view from here 🙂

The hanging bridge was completely wet because of the force of the gushing water, as we were standing on it we too were able to feel the droplets of water falling on our faces and cameras. 😀 The sound of the falling water was very strong. Due to safety reason people are not allowed to go near the waterfall one can watch it from a distance or from the bridge. Slowly the crowed stated to increase on the bridge and we decided to go down. We spent sometime nearby clicking pictures.. After sometime we decided to leave that place and start our journey back towards Bangalore.


nature is beautiful… ❤ ❤

Altogether it was a lovely trip  to a beautiful waterfall. 🙂


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