Lullaby of the Moon… <3 :)

DSC_0085 - Copy
the moon…. ❤ ❤ 🙂

Think about a beautiful starry sky, imagine that you’re sitting and gazing towards the sky, you can feel the cool blissful touch of the MOON. It’s looking like a beautiful angel staring at you from above 🙂 with a small twinkling star accompanying her like her best friend… The surroundings  around you is quite with pin drop stillness, you can feel and listen to the beautiful sound of the breeze…as if it’s talking with you and taking you to a world of fantasy…. Isn’t it beautiful?? 🙂 

 The more you see the more you will get mesmerized by the beauty of the moon. She is dynamic and she shows her various moods with her different phases … Sometimes in cloudy nights it acts as a kid playing hide and seek with us behind the clouds and sometimes it looks like a bubble of light  sailing in a dark ocean…..

 During my night treks many times I got an opportunity to witness the beauty of moon from a hill top, the beauty of the view is beyond words. When the moon light touches the flora it looks like as if it’s under a heavenly spell. It seems as they are sleeping in the lap of Mother Nature with the moon singing the lullaby… ❤

 I always love gazing at the moon & the starry sky. It has always been a constant companion of mine…I go into an imaginary world where I can converse with the moon share my jolly and nostalgic moments and it remains a  patience listener, soothing me with its cool divine touch…sometimes relaxing under her radiance gives me new ideas and inspirations. I have always felt that under the fascinating moonlight the exquisiteness of each and every entity doubles giving it a matchless gorgeousness.

 Each time I see the moon the only poem which comes into my mind is the one I used to recite in my childhood….

Oh! Look at the Moon by Eliza Lee Cabot Follen

Oh! look at the moon,

She is shining up there;

Oh! Mother, she looks

Like a lamp in the air…


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