Trip to coorg and Dubare falls part 1 :)


(For information – The distance between Bangalore and Coorg is 270 kms and required time is 6 hrs. The major attraction of Dubare is the river rafting which takes place in the waters of the river Kaveri. Dubare is known for its elephant camp, a forest camp on the banks of the river Kaveri in the district of Kodagu, karnataka.)

It was a sudden plan with my friend’s for a weekend trip to coorg. We started our journey from Bangalore towards coorg in a night bus. It was raining heavily that day and the bus was moving in a high speed.. We were trying to sleep for some time but all of a sudden the road stated to be bumpy,with the intensity of the rain increasing the water was splashing hard near our bus window.. I was seriously astonished with the driving skill of the driver who was driving so brilliantly that night. 😀 Within some time the road became normal and the climate became cool we were quite relived and tried resting for sometime..

 After around six hours of journey we reached coorg. The time was around 3:20 am. It was raining cats and dogs; we were just trying to get an auto to reach our friend’s homestay ; by luck we got into one and rushed towards the location. 😛 I  must admit it was  the most adventurous ride I ever had.. 😀 the rain water was gushing inside the auto and we were completely wet and trembling with cold. The road was entirely empty and dark; in night the beauty of that place was looking horrifying.. Thank god after few minutes of roller coaster ride we reached the homestay.. Soon our friend greeted us with his two big dogs who were not happy seeing us.. 😛 at the odd hours.. My friends were so scared seeing the dogs jumping and running around us that they were not moving  from their place.. 😛  but  being a dog lover ❤ I was really happy seeing them around 🙂 We rushed towards our room as we were really exhausted and we needed rest..

 Next day I woke up early to take a walk around the place and to my surprise the place which was looking creepy in night was beautiful and amazing.


lushly green trees and plants 🙂


It was lushly green with big trees and plants everywhere. The grasses were covered with dew drops which were shining in the reflection of sun light.

dewdrops on grasses 🙂

The pepper vines were laden with pepper. Cool breeze was blowing I must admit it is a perfect place to relax from the rush of the city. I was awestruck with the beauty of that place.


peeper vines 🙂

Soon we decided to get ready and move towards dubare falls for rafting. 🙂  it was still raining that day.. The time we reached the falls the weather was cloudy and it was drizzling… me and my friends were too exited for the rafting experience.  (Sorry I don’t have pictures of my rafting experience as it was raining heavily that day)

starting point of rafting  🙂

It was really an amazing experience. The scenic beauty of that place and the flow of  water were wonderful. 🙂 The force of water was pushing the raft like anything, we were wearing our life jackets still it was scary 😛 we were instructed to keep rowing  but the force of waves was changing the direction of the raft like anything..  At one moment we were on still water at other we were pushed by the force of water, it was exactly like a roller coaster ride. Suddenly as we were in between the water it started raining heavily and it made the scenario more exiting.. 🙂 Truly it was an amazing experience… 🙂

 To be continued.. 🙂




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