Memories with Jamaican Cherry Tree…


beautiful mushrooms near the broken trunk of the tree ❤ 🙂


Few years back we used to have a Jamaican cherry tree in our garden.. 🙂 I still have the vivid memories of bringing that small sapling from a nursery and how exited I was that day. I was in school at that time and everyday I used to look at the plant and ask my dad about the details. Gradually the small sapling grew into a big tree and within sometime sweet berries started growing on it. 🙂 I was extremely happy seeing that beautiful tree laden with berries and beautiful white flowers.. 🙂  Everyday flock of birds used to come in the early morning hours to eat those berries.. It was really a beautiful sight to enjoy by afternoon it was the time for monkeys to come in groups and have berries as their lunch.. 😀 I used to sit at the roof top and enjoy the beauty of the tree slowly moving with the pace of the wind. It was like a companion to me. Eventually within a year the tree grew massively.. I used to enjoy a lot sitting near my Jamaican cherry tree and telling our guests about the beautiful tree and how birds come everyday to eat berries. I was so much attached to the tree that when ever it used to be rainy and windy weather I used to gaze out of my window to confirm whether it’s all right and not broken or damaged.
Few years past the attachment still remained the same. My state is frequently affected by tropical cyclones every year which causes lots of destruction. I still remember the day the weather was too rough it was very windy and it was raining cats and dogs. The wind speed was so intense that each and every tree was bending as if it will be broken the next moment. I was really sad that day thinking about my tree. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise, I was not sure whether it was our tree or someone else as we were not able to go outside because of the intensity of the rain..
I  still remember how  that day I was praying to God to keep my tree safe.. As I saw the intensity of rain decreasing by evening, I slowly opened my window to look at my tree. Tear rolled out of eyes as I saw my companion my beloved tree lying down broken.. I was completely blank at that moment , all my memories flashed in front of  my eyes, I was really sad that day , it was like I lost someone very dear to me.. 😦  Morning I saw people cleaning our garden, the broken trunk of the trees was still there standing strong.. The leaves and branches were scattered everywhere, I was really disturbed seeing that sight.
After  years I  still  see the broken trunk of my tree reminding me of the old memories .Now distinct varieties of wild  mushrooms have started growing around it. It look beautiful giving a unique beauty to the broken part of the tree.

DSC_0033 - Copy

white mushrooms 🙂 ❤


I still remember each and every details related to my tree 🙂 ❤ …  but  it also taught me  a lesson that every loss brings a new beginning and it has a hidden message that nothing is permanent in this world…enjoy every moment of your life… 🙂




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