Life Goes On….


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving- Albert Einstein

 Few days back I was sitting near a river listening to the beautiful sound of the flowing water and tweeting of birds; suddenly several thoughts rushed into my mind as if  nature was trying to convey something to me. I started thinking about existence. Life is similar to the flowing  water which silently starts its journey without  getting a least hint of the future events; there are unexpected twist and turns like the brook which changes its course at various places turning and twisting making its way ahead . In due course of time life changes drastically with new unforeseen surprises by means of fortunate and unfortunate events, making us realize the realities and the struggles of life.

  A river faces many obstacles like the stones and high hills which prevents its gush and forces it to change its path and act as hindrance from allowing it to flow without restrain; but sooner or later the river cuts and shapes up the stones into beautiful pebbles and crosses lofty mounts creating waterfalls. Like every pebble after undergoing much turbulence we all keep shaping and learning new lessons and things in our life and similar to the gushing flow of river we create our life paths. Problems eventually make us tough and give shape to our life changing us in countless ways. The journey of the river or we can say our life may seem difficult with numerous obstacles but ultimately it teaches us not to surrender but to keep going with the flow…. 🙂 ❤


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