beautiful falls. ❤ 🙂


 (for information –Hogenakkal falls  is approx. 130 km from Bangalore. The best time to visit Hogenakkal is during the monsoon season if you want to see the river in its full flow but  tourists prefer to visit during off-season specially winter as the water flow remain stable and one can enjoy coracle rides )

Hogenakkal Falls is located in southern part of India in the Dharmapuri district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Niagara Falls of India. It is a very famous picnic sport. The waterfall is created by river Kaveri which  forms numerous waterfalls at this location cutting across the rocky terrain. The water splashes into deep gorges creating the beautiful view of the waterfall. I got an opportunity to visit this place with my best friend Saheen and her family. It is a well known tourist attraction for scenic beauty of the waterfall, boat rides and herbal baths (it is said that the water is having healing properties).

on the way… 🙂

 We started our journey in morning and reached in afternoon. It almost took three to four hours to reach the location by cab. To be honest it was very crowded the time we reached the place. No doubt this location is immensely beautiful with a wonderful view of the waterfall. One can see the view of the fall from various angles as  at some places  the water is moving in a full flow between deep gorges and the other side it has transformed into a huge waterfall falling with a tremendous force. 🙂

view of the fall from a distance….


view of the hills and the water passing in between 🙂


view of gushing flow of the falls from a bridge above it… 🙂

We got to know that this place is very famous for herbal baths , oil massage and fish fry (freshly caught fishes are fried and sold to the visitors. it’s a heaven for people who love eating fish as various verities of freshly caught fishes are available here.) Nearby one can find food stalls too. As I am a vegetarian  😀 I was accompanying Saheen as she is fish lover 😛  I was able to see the soul of a hungry cat rising within her seeing the hot taste fried fishes. 😛

coracles boats 🙂 ❤

We roamed around and tried coracle ride too. These coracles are made of bamboo and the bottoms of the boats are made up of waterproof sheets of plastic for preventing water from entering inside the boats. These rides are really amazing as they take you to the other side of the river and near waterfall’s base. The view over there was breathtaking and wonderful.

people enjoying their rides 🙂



We were bit scared as the boat was tilting with the speed of flowing water but the experience was awesome. The water falls creates a misty atmosphere making the nearby area look hazy with droplets of water falling on your face once you reach near the waterfall. It was really a fantastic and amazing experience for us. 🙂


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