beautiful falls. ❤ 🙂


 (for information –Hogenakkal falls  is approx. 130 km from Bangalore. The best time to visit Hogenakkal is during the monsoon season if you want to see the river in its full flow but  tourists prefer to visit during off-season specially winter as the water flow remain stable and one can enjoy coracle rides )

Hogenakkal Falls is located in southern part of India in the Dharmapuri district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Niagara Falls of India. It is a very famous picnic sport. The waterfall is created by river Kaveri which  forms numerous waterfalls at this location cutting across the rocky terrain. The water splashes into deep gorges creating the beautiful view of the waterfall. I got an opportunity to visit this place with my best friend Saheen and her family. It is a well known tourist attraction for scenic beauty of the waterfall, boat rides and herbal baths (it is said that the water is having healing properties).

on the way… 🙂

 We started our journey in morning and reached in afternoon. It almost took three to four hours to reach the location by cab. To be honest it was very crowded the time we reached the place. No doubt this location is immensely beautiful with a wonderful view of the waterfall. One can see the view of the fall from various angles as  at some places  the water is moving in a full flow between deep gorges and the other side it has transformed into a huge waterfall falling with a tremendous force. 🙂

view of the fall from a distance….


view of the hills and the water passing in between 🙂


view of gushing flow of the falls from a bridge above it… 🙂

We got to know that this place is very famous for herbal baths , oil massage and fish fry (freshly caught fishes are fried and sold to the visitors. it’s a heaven for people who love eating fish as various verities of freshly caught fishes are available here.) Nearby one can find food stalls too. As I am a vegetarian  😀 I was accompanying Saheen as she is fish lover 😛  I was able to see the soul of a hungry cat rising within her seeing the hot taste fried fishes. 😛

coracles boats 🙂 ❤

We roamed around and tried coracle ride too. These coracles are made of bamboo and the bottoms of the boats are made up of waterproof sheets of plastic for preventing water from entering inside the boats. These rides are really amazing as they take you to the other side of the river and near waterfall’s base. The view over there was breathtaking and wonderful.

people enjoying their rides 🙂



We were bit scared as the boat was tilting with the speed of flowing water but the experience was awesome. The water falls creates a misty atmosphere making the nearby area look hazy with droplets of water falling on your face once you reach near the waterfall. It was really a fantastic and amazing experience for us. 🙂


Life Goes On….


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving- Albert Einstein

 Few days back I was sitting near a river listening to the beautiful sound of the flowing water and tweeting of birds; suddenly several thoughts rushed into my mind as if  nature was trying to convey something to me. I started thinking about existence. Life is similar to the flowing  water which silently starts its journey without  getting a least hint of the future events; there are unexpected twist and turns like the brook which changes its course at various places turning and twisting making its way ahead . In due course of time life changes drastically with new unforeseen surprises by means of fortunate and unfortunate events, making us realize the realities and the struggles of life.

  A river faces many obstacles like the stones and high hills which prevents its gush and forces it to change its path and act as hindrance from allowing it to flow without restrain; but sooner or later the river cuts and shapes up the stones into beautiful pebbles and crosses lofty mounts creating waterfalls. Like every pebble after undergoing much turbulence we all keep shaping and learning new lessons and things in our life and similar to the gushing flow of river we create our life paths. Problems eventually make us tough and give shape to our life changing us in countless ways. The journey of the river or we can say our life may seem difficult with numerous obstacles but ultimately it teaches us not to surrender but to keep going with the flow…. 🙂 ❤



Trip to Coorg and Namdroling Monastery Part 3 :)



(For information- The monastery is located around 6 KM from kushalnagar towards Mysore . It is approx. 34 KM from Madikeri and  87 KM from Mysore. Timings to visit: 9 AM to 6 PM. Prayer is at 1 PM.  One can visit  at any time of the year, but the best time to visit is during the festive season like “The Tibetan New Year” where you can see various traditional dance and cultural events.)

As I was describing in my last two posts about my trip to Coorg , my rafting experience at Dubare falls and visit to Barapole ,we concluded our trip with our visit to Namdroling Monastery . After we enjoyed at Barapole river rafting we headed towards the Golden Temple or Namdroling Monastery situated at Bylakuppe. We reached at the temple around 12 PM. It was a bit less crowded that day because of the rain but this place is a very famous tourist attraction  and it remains crowded throughout the year. I found this place very peaceful and magnificent. The temple is known as golden temple because of the exquisite golden craftsmanship;the roof part of the temple is beautifully designed with splendid   golden work. The roof has a huge wheel like structure which is golden too.The amazing beauty of the roof makes the temple look more stunning. 

260002_463749780313753_1040344678_n (1)
the three magnificent golden statues of God 🙂 ❤

 Once we entered inside we found a huge entrance door leading towards a big prayer hall with three big statues of around 40 feet high of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Sakyamuni and Amitayus. The top area near the statues was decorated with colourful flags of dazzling red, green and yellow colour. The walls of the halls were decorated beautifully with bright colours and paintings related to Buddhist legendary Gods and other deities.

monks praying 🙂

We were lucky as we reached around 1 PM which is the time of prayer for the monks. The view of the monks sitting in a disciplined way before the huge golden statues of god was captivating. Musical instruments like drums and bells were played in a sequence with the enchanting Buddhist prayers. It was really a very divine experience. The aroma of incense sticks was making the atmosphere more peaceful and divine. It was a very calm and wonderful  experience. The view of monks praying together was spectacular. We really felt blessed to witness such an amazing experience. We spent some time in the temple complex and started our journey towards our homestay. It was an amazing three days trip to Coorg which will always be memorable for me. 🙂 ❤


Life is like a Flower… :)



Looking at this beautiful flower numerous thoughts came into my mind. Battling the weather and complex circumstances of the surround it still keep shining and blooming, teaching us a life lesson that the road of the life may not be easy but we need to hold ourselves firm. We have to keep going because someday we will accomplish what we are longing for. The duration of struggle of each one of us may differ but we need to keep our hopes and aspirations intact in our heart.. Every flower is unique and has a small life span but ultimately it bring smile on our face and teaches us to ride the waves of life and come out strongly.Every flower is beautiful in its own way so we should always remember  not to compare ourselves or our life with others. Everyone has a different purpose in life. So don’t let the surrounding and circumstances define you just keep going and one day you will triumph over your greatest fears.. ❤ 🙂


Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain :)

raindrops on the leaves 🙂 ❤ ❤

It rained after a long time…It was raining whole night and I always loved falling asleep to the beautiful sound of the rain.. Early morning when I opened the window it was still drizzling. It’s completely cloudy today and cool breeze is blowing making the weather very pleasant. The rainy season has always been my favourite; it makes everything beautiful. The smell of the soil, the dark clouds slowly covering the sky and the captivating rhythm of the falling rain makes me feel delighted.  ( 😀 Maybe I love rain so much ❤ because I was born in rainy season  😛 )

plant looking fresh and vibrant because of the rain.. ❤ ❤

 Today the trees and plants in my garden were looking greener and fresh. The flowers were looking beautiful when the droplets of water were falling on them. The leaves of plants were looking vibrant and colourful.

beautiful Hibiscus flower ❤ ❤ 🙂
the fragrance of jasmine flowers are making the atmosphere delightful ❤

Birds were flying happily by getting drenched and tweeting merrily welcoming the rain. On the other side I saw a group of ants collecting food and going in a very well-organized way forming a line and helping each other towards their home which is inside a  small crack of the wall. 🙂

 The rain has arrived as a blessing for all of us by easing the intense heat of  the summer season. Nature is always aware of the right time and with the changing seasons it clearly indicates that time changes ; situation changes and everything happens at the allotted time fixed by the almighty. So let’s allow Mother Nature to wash away all the pains of yesterday and welcome a new beginning.  

Mother Nature is really amazing and beautiful so let’s enjoy the beauty of  the rain.. ❤ 🙂

“Everyone wants happiness; no one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” – Zion Lee



Trip to Coorg and Barapole River Rafting Part 2 :)



(For information: Barapole is approximately 270 km from Bangalore by road.The best time to visit the Barapole River for the white water rafting  is from the month of June till September.The total duration of the rafting  will be around two hours where a distance of around 2.5 km is covered and one will come across nine furious rapids. )

As I was describing in the first part of my trip to Coorg and Dubare falls about my rafting experience which was quite exhilarating and unique for me in an enchanting and beautiful location. Here I would like to describe about our next day trip to The Barapole River which is a famous destination for white water rafting in Coorg. It is considered as one of the most dangerous fast-moving water  making it a heaven for adventure lover. It was raining the next day too when we decided to start towards Barapole river . As me and my friends were done with rafting at Dubare falls the previous day we were just joining the others who decided to do rafting at Barapole.

The road leading to the river was lavishly green with coffee and tea estates on both sides of the road. As it was raining the view from the car window was looking more magical. The drive from our homestay till Barapole River was wonderful with empty roads and fascinating climate. We parked our vehicle and walked towards the camp, the path was wet and bit muddy due to rain. After a walk of few minutes we reached the location from where the beautiful river was visible. The water was truly having a fast pace. The heavy rain and black clouds which were covering the sky were giving a very intense look to the river. 

View of the Barapole river 🙂
560430_463747863647278_1469664792_n (1)
view of the flowing water near the camp 🙂


 Few of our friends were getting ready for their much awaited experience. 😀 The organizers were instructing and guiding our group about the experience and safety precautions. They were instructed to put there life jackets and get ready for the rafting. As I was looking around I found the river very turbulent and level of water was too high  due to the continuous rainfall from few days. We wished our friends good luck 😀 as they headed towards the river. I heard that they were going to cover a distance of approx 2.5 km, in which they will come across nine furious rapids. The duration of time they were going to raft was around two hours. (Though I was not rafting but I was bit scared listing to all these descriptions 😛 )


greenery around the river … ❤ 🙂
rain dripping from the roof top of the camp and the beautiful view ❤ 🙂

As we were waiting for our friends who went for rafting I tried clicking few pictures around that place. After a long wait when our friends came back I saw a big smile on their faces they were very much excited as it was dream come true experience for them.. 🙂 They were totally drenched and exhausted but were extremely happy.  As they were describing that the level of water was high the raft was moving in a fast rate, it was very difficult for them to keep balance, the water was splashing everywhere . The raft was moving from a high plateau to still water in a rapid speed.The waves were pulling the raft in  a different direction . Altogether it was a amazing experience for them.

We decide to have our lunch and rest for a while and start for our next destination. 😛  🙂

 To be continued…… 🙂 ❤ 








Memories with Jamaican Cherry Tree…


beautiful mushrooms near the broken trunk of the tree ❤ 🙂


Few years back we used to have a Jamaican cherry tree in our garden.. 🙂 I still have the vivid memories of bringing that small sapling from a nursery and how exited I was that day. I was in school at that time and everyday I used to look at the plant and ask my dad about the details. Gradually the small sapling grew into a big tree and within sometime sweet berries started growing on it. 🙂 I was extremely happy seeing that beautiful tree laden with berries and beautiful white flowers.. 🙂  Everyday flock of birds used to come in the early morning hours to eat those berries.. It was really a beautiful sight to enjoy by afternoon it was the time for monkeys to come in groups and have berries as their lunch.. 😀 I used to sit at the roof top and enjoy the beauty of the tree slowly moving with the pace of the wind. It was like a companion to me. Eventually within a year the tree grew massively.. I used to enjoy a lot sitting near my Jamaican cherry tree and telling our guests about the beautiful tree and how birds come everyday to eat berries. I was so much attached to the tree that when ever it used to be rainy and windy weather I used to gaze out of my window to confirm whether it’s all right and not broken or damaged.
Few years past the attachment still remained the same. My state is frequently affected by tropical cyclones every year which causes lots of destruction. I still remember the day the weather was too rough it was very windy and it was raining cats and dogs. The wind speed was so intense that each and every tree was bending as if it will be broken the next moment. I was really sad that day thinking about my tree. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise, I was not sure whether it was our tree or someone else as we were not able to go outside because of the intensity of the rain..
I  still remember how  that day I was praying to God to keep my tree safe.. As I saw the intensity of rain decreasing by evening, I slowly opened my window to look at my tree. Tear rolled out of eyes as I saw my companion my beloved tree lying down broken.. I was completely blank at that moment , all my memories flashed in front of  my eyes, I was really sad that day , it was like I lost someone very dear to me.. 😦  Morning I saw people cleaning our garden, the broken trunk of the trees was still there standing strong.. The leaves and branches were scattered everywhere, I was really disturbed seeing that sight.
After  years I  still  see the broken trunk of my tree reminding me of the old memories .Now distinct varieties of wild  mushrooms have started growing around it. It look beautiful giving a unique beauty to the broken part of the tree.

DSC_0033 - Copy

white mushrooms 🙂 ❤


I still remember each and every details related to my tree 🙂 ❤ …  but  it also taught me  a lesson that every loss brings a new beginning and it has a hidden message that nothing is permanent in this world…enjoy every moment of your life… 🙂