Life Goes On….


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving- Albert Einstein

 Few days back I was sitting near a river listening to the beautiful sound of the flowing water and tweeting of birds; suddenly several thoughts rushed into my mind as if  nature was trying to convey something to me. I started thinking about existence. Life is similar to the flowing  water which silently starts its journey without  getting a least hint of the future events; there are unexpected twist and turns like the brook which changes its course at various places turning and twisting making its way ahead . In due course of time life changes drastically with new unforeseen surprises by means of fortunate and unfortunate events, making us realize the realities and the struggles of life.

  A river faces many obstacles like the stones and high hills which prevents its gush and forces it to change its path and act as hindrance from allowing it to flow without restrain; but sooner or later the river cuts and shapes up the stones into beautiful pebbles and crosses lofty mounts creating waterfalls. Like every pebble after undergoing much turbulence we all keep shaping and learning new lessons and things in our life and similar to the gushing flow of river we create our life paths. Problems eventually make us tough and give shape to our life changing us in countless ways. The journey of the river or we can say our life may seem difficult with numerous obstacles but ultimately it teaches us not to surrender but to keep going with the flow…. 🙂 ❤



Life is like a Flower… :)



Looking at this beautiful flower numerous thoughts came into my mind. Battling the weather and complex circumstances of the surround it still keep shining and blooming, teaching us a life lesson that the road of the life may not be easy but we need to hold ourselves firm. We have to keep going because someday we will accomplish what we are longing for. The duration of struggle of each one of us may differ but we need to keep our hopes and aspirations intact in our heart.. Every flower is unique and has a small life span but ultimately it bring smile on our face and teaches us to ride the waves of life and come out strongly.Every flower is beautiful in its own way so we should always remember  not to compare ourselves or our life with others. Everyone has a different purpose in life. So don’t let the surrounding and circumstances define you just keep going and one day you will triumph over your greatest fears.. ❤ 🙂


Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain :)

raindrops on the leaves 🙂 ❤ ❤

It rained after a long time…It was raining whole night and I always loved falling asleep to the beautiful sound of the rain.. Early morning when I opened the window it was still drizzling. It’s completely cloudy today and cool breeze is blowing making the weather very pleasant. The rainy season has always been my favourite; it makes everything beautiful. The smell of the soil, the dark clouds slowly covering the sky and the captivating rhythm of the falling rain makes me feel delighted.  ( 😀 Maybe I love rain so much ❤ because I was born in rainy season  😛 )

plant looking fresh and vibrant because of the rain.. ❤ ❤

 Today the trees and plants in my garden were looking greener and fresh. The flowers were looking beautiful when the droplets of water were falling on them. The leaves of plants were looking vibrant and colourful.

beautiful Hibiscus flower ❤ ❤ 🙂
the fragrance of jasmine flowers are making the atmosphere delightful ❤

Birds were flying happily by getting drenched and tweeting merrily welcoming the rain. On the other side I saw a group of ants collecting food and going in a very well-organized way forming a line and helping each other towards their home which is inside a  small crack of the wall. 🙂

 The rain has arrived as a blessing for all of us by easing the intense heat of  the summer season. Nature is always aware of the right time and with the changing seasons it clearly indicates that time changes ; situation changes and everything happens at the allotted time fixed by the almighty. So let’s allow Mother Nature to wash away all the pains of yesterday and welcome a new beginning.  

Mother Nature is really amazing and beautiful so let’s enjoy the beauty of  the rain.. ❤ 🙂

“Everyone wants happiness; no one wants pain. But you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” – Zion Lee



Memories with Jamaican Cherry Tree…


beautiful mushrooms near the broken trunk of the tree ❤ 🙂


Few years back we used to have a Jamaican cherry tree in our garden.. 🙂 I still have the vivid memories of bringing that small sapling from a nursery and how exited I was that day. I was in school at that time and everyday I used to look at the plant and ask my dad about the details. Gradually the small sapling grew into a big tree and within sometime sweet berries started growing on it. 🙂 I was extremely happy seeing that beautiful tree laden with berries and beautiful white flowers.. 🙂  Everyday flock of birds used to come in the early morning hours to eat those berries.. It was really a beautiful sight to enjoy by afternoon it was the time for monkeys to come in groups and have berries as their lunch.. 😀 I used to sit at the roof top and enjoy the beauty of the tree slowly moving with the pace of the wind. It was like a companion to me. Eventually within a year the tree grew massively.. I used to enjoy a lot sitting near my Jamaican cherry tree and telling our guests about the beautiful tree and how birds come everyday to eat berries. I was so much attached to the tree that when ever it used to be rainy and windy weather I used to gaze out of my window to confirm whether it’s all right and not broken or damaged.
Few years past the attachment still remained the same. My state is frequently affected by tropical cyclones every year which causes lots of destruction. I still remember the day the weather was too rough it was very windy and it was raining cats and dogs. The wind speed was so intense that each and every tree was bending as if it will be broken the next moment. I was really sad that day thinking about my tree. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise, I was not sure whether it was our tree or someone else as we were not able to go outside because of the intensity of the rain..
I  still remember how  that day I was praying to God to keep my tree safe.. As I saw the intensity of rain decreasing by evening, I slowly opened my window to look at my tree. Tear rolled out of eyes as I saw my companion my beloved tree lying down broken.. I was completely blank at that moment , all my memories flashed in front of  my eyes, I was really sad that day , it was like I lost someone very dear to me.. 😦  Morning I saw people cleaning our garden, the broken trunk of the trees was still there standing strong.. The leaves and branches were scattered everywhere, I was really disturbed seeing that sight.
After  years I  still  see the broken trunk of my tree reminding me of the old memories .Now distinct varieties of wild  mushrooms have started growing around it. It look beautiful giving a unique beauty to the broken part of the tree.

DSC_0033 - Copy

white mushrooms 🙂 ❤


I still remember each and every details related to my tree 🙂 ❤ …  but  it also taught me  a lesson that every loss brings a new beginning and it has a hidden message that nothing is permanent in this world…enjoy every moment of your life… 🙂




Lullaby of the Moon… <3 :)

DSC_0085 - Copy
the moon…. ❤ ❤ 🙂

Think about a beautiful starry sky, imagine that you’re sitting and gazing towards the sky, you can feel the cool blissful touch of the MOON. It’s looking like a beautiful angel staring at you from above 🙂 with a small twinkling star accompanying her like her best friend… The surroundings  around you is quite with pin drop stillness, you can feel and listen to the beautiful sound of the breeze…as if it’s talking with you and taking you to a world of fantasy…. Isn’t it beautiful?? 🙂 

 The more you see the more you will get mesmerized by the beauty of the moon. She is dynamic and she shows her various moods with her different phases … Sometimes in cloudy nights it acts as a kid playing hide and seek with us behind the clouds and sometimes it looks like a bubble of light  sailing in a dark ocean…..

 During my night treks many times I got an opportunity to witness the beauty of moon from a hill top, the beauty of the view is beyond words. When the moon light touches the flora it looks like as if it’s under a heavenly spell. It seems as they are sleeping in the lap of Mother Nature with the moon singing the lullaby… ❤

 I always love gazing at the moon & the starry sky. It has always been a constant companion of mine…I go into an imaginary world where I can converse with the moon share my jolly and nostalgic moments and it remains a  patience listener, soothing me with its cool divine touch…sometimes relaxing under her radiance gives me new ideas and inspirations. I have always felt that under the fascinating moonlight the exquisiteness of each and every entity doubles giving it a matchless gorgeousness.

 Each time I see the moon the only poem which comes into my mind is the one I used to recite in my childhood….

Oh! Look at the Moon by Eliza Lee Cabot Follen

Oh! look at the moon,

She is shining up there;

Oh! Mother, she looks

Like a lamp in the air…



The gulmohar tree… ❤

Time spent with friends are always memorable, when you sit with them and enjoy random stuffs and topics.. 🙂 😛 You just keep on talking and listening to them forgetting about everything and when you part away and get busy with your own life , you miss those memories and funny talks you used to do.. I still remember the window from where me and my friends used to look at the beautiful Gulmohar tree (The Royal Poinciana), filled with orange flowers. 

beautiful flowers … ❤ ❤

We used sit and enjoy our long conversations. 🙂 Sometimes the view from the window used to be very beautiful during rain and monsoon. The rain drops used to make those trees green and vivid.. The blossoms used to look beautiful. The leaves of the trees  used to get clean with rain drops making it  more  vibrant. The rows of Gulmohar trees near the roadside were making the locality beautiful,one can find beautiful petals of flowers spread across the road.. 

Many times I used to see small squirrels sitting on the branch of the tree , jumping from one branch to another and playing around 🙂 small birds too used to rest on the branches to protect themselves from the scorching sun…

 Me and my friends used to wait for the weekends to sit near the window and do our conversations 😛 it was like the tree too used to be a part of our team, a member who is listening to each and every conversation 🙂 the movement of leaves of the tree with the wind was like an indication that nature too is enjoying our funny conversations.. 🙂

 Those memories will last forever.. Those conversations of ours sitting near the window looking at our Gulmohar tree ❤ with our cup of coffee will always be cherished by us.. 🙂 ❤


An encounter with a double rainbow (An unforgettable experience) :)

a rare view of double rainbow
We a group of friends were on a trip to Coorg,(Karnataka,India). That day the weather was cold and it was drizzling ,our plan was to go for river rafting. We were really exited as the weather was amazing outside… (Rafting in rain 😛 I was feeling like a national geographic adventurer 😛 ) After finishing our rafting we were heading towards our homestay in our car..
Sitting inside we were enjoying the climate, the road was completely empty, suddenly I saw a RAINBOW , I was really delighted as it was quite near to us. The source of the rainbow was the same river where we did rafting. But what we saw that it was not one but two rainbows  😀 … and we were really shocked & exited… it was like a miracle..
we were standing near the fence 🙂 ❤
 I have never heard about double rainbow, but that day I was watching it from a very close distance. I was shocked and speechless.. Even though it was raining we rushed outside near the fence, the other side of the fence was a corn field and ahead of it was the river,  where the rainbow was formed.. The colour was very intense, it was magical.. We were shouting with joy. To our surprise we were the only group present at that location. It was a mesmerizing moment for us.
As we went for  rafting most of my friends had kept their mobile phones at the home stay, and I was the only one who was carrying my phone with me… and I  feel really lucky that I was able to capture that moment  .. 😀 After few minutes the secondary rainbow started fading away. Suddenly it started getting sunny, and slowly and slowly the secondly rainbow vanished.
slowly the second rainbow started fading away..
the primary rainbow after the secondary vanished..
  I feel we were really lucky and blessed to witness such a wonderful experience that day.. Nature is beautiful and full of mysteries.. ❤ 🙂
 Do share your opinion… 🙂  have you ever seen a double rainbow??